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Racing games have always been the favourites on all platforms. Right from the handheld video games to the androids and iOS they have been in demand. Racing games were the first ones to find place on touch screen Android phone. The Google Play Store is swarming with thousands of games. I got tired of installing them on my phone and then finding out the bugs and not worth playing games but I kept looking. Finally, I ended up at the top 5 racing games on Android. I decided to share it here the consolidated list of best games:

Asphalt Xtreme

Once you search it on the playstore you would be tempted to download this Real-time multiplayer game with its rating to be 4.5 and the 10 million downloads for free. This is not a typical racing track that needs you to abide by the rules. It just wants you to break free into a fearless speed zone. The tracks are the sand hills and canyons those dusty rocky roads give you the Texan feel of raging a race, zoop through the glaciers, cross the Alps and take on the world.
With 50 plus wagons to pick from a 4X4 monster truck, SUV, rally car or a buggy they have it all chose the one that suits your gaming style. Each of the wagons has a style to race and is updated with periodic features there is always a new track or wagon to try.
What is more fun than 8 players simultaneous real-time game? The leader board keeps a track of all your competitors. With the customization powers, you can upgrade the engine power, change the wheel style you have it all. The Game is full of Challenges, tournaments, Daily missions and what not.
Break the rules and enrich your love of extreme sports with exotic graphics at your fingertips.

CSR Racing 2

csr2A free drag racing at your hands a live game you can play across the globe. The cars are not cars they are customized supercars like Laferrai, McLaren P1, Koenigsegg one 1 and lots more the rating of 4.7 says all that it needs to be on your Android.
You can make a car crew with other online players and play a crew tournament. Play your best in a particular track and win the lavish tournaments.
Our USP for those car lovers is the minutest detailing of the car built up that matches the real wheels on the roads. Chose and customize those super dream car color the cars, rims, brake calipers and interiors.
The showroom has 50 cars to showcase. Keep winning and showcasing them in your garage from the supercar leaders.

Watch out for those events to earn extra cash and upgrade your rides.
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Dirt Trackin

dirt tracin
Do you like that thrill of the racing cars when they whroom their horsepowers? A 3D closest to reality graphics another to pick off the dirt track.
Vehicles are 24 to be chosen from and 10 variants of tracks where each track is fierce and dusty than the other make it the best choice. Gives you the choice of control with touch arrows, Virtual touch steering wheel, and tilt steering. Even the Artificial Intelligence gives you a variation on AI strength too. The Lap timing gives you a push to gear up while racing. It is one of the most popular from the list of 5 best android racing games 2017.

GT Racing 2

This racing game is an extra bonanza with 71 licensed cars from 30 top manufacturers on 13 tracks and 1400 events to cross the races to complete range from the classics, Duels, Knockouts and overtakes.
GT-RacingEvery week more new challenges so the game never loses the spark with 28 new challenges every week. A handheld game has never offered more that this precision. You can race in day or bath in those flood lights at night. Take a view of the tracks through 4 different cameras.
There are no repair times are cost leading you all way across the finish lines. It is among the fastest multiplayer racing games.
The game is well planned for the novice to learn the tracks and fro pros to fill the garage with 71 cars that he wins with the game points store. 

Hill Climbing Race 2

hill climinbingA cartoonish layout this one is for all ages with 50 million downloads I don’t need to prove a point here. A lousy truck going up and down the rough roads and bridges is fun for those who love to drive but are not in for those zoop speeds. The character your skills personify is Mr Newton Bill who is a physics freak and wants to explore the hills from Ragnarok to a Nuclear plant. He wants to defy all the physics laws to be the conqueror of hills to the moon.
Bill can explore the rusty hills with your vehicle choice from a bike, truck, jeep or a tank. The graphics give you sharp screen even on a low-resolution android. When the engines are upgraded the sound effects become different giving you a two senses feel of an upgradations.
The Garage mode lets your dream become bigger with letting you build in more customized vehicles.
With 27 levels and 28+ vehicles, you can go on playing till eternity. 14+ tunning parts gives you vehicle a performance boost always. You can tune your engine, suspension, tires, and 4WD. Daily weekly races with friends, league boss races, and monowheel challenges.
The games I shortlisted to reach the Top 5 for me have it all adrenaline, fun, graphics, real-time playing, multiplayer, ease of playing, AI, tournaments, challenges to make you feel the intensity of that real gaming tracks of those bigger league races. The games are the best with latest graphics and fewer bugs that are being fixed to promptly by the designers keeping you connected on tracks and build a long racing career on the leader boards of the games.

Unleash the beast that always wanted to race those dirt tracks. The players are getting a better leap on the tracks. I will keep updating the list of best android racing games 2017. 

In scenarios where you have no internet, you still want to pass the time by playing your favorite game on your Android device. Having games that specifically work without data or WI-FI can be advantageous when you are on public transport, long flights or in places where you cannot access web connections. Here are the 10 best free offline android games of 2017:-

1. Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight 2
If you are fascinated by martial arts, then you will love playing Shadow Fight 2. This game blends role-playing and martial art fighting to create an exciting game that both boys and girls can enjoy. The primary function of the game is to fight many enemies in battles of series so as to move up the rank. You even get money for every victory you win, and you can use it to improve your fighting skills and tools. However, just like in Mortal combat you have to first learn the needed moves before becoming the best warrior.

2. Plant VS Zombies 2

plant vs zombies 2 Says Patty from, the very best games are often the simplest. Even though this game was unveiled back in 2013, it is still one of the most played free offline android games in 2017. So there is no reason why this year you should not give it a try as the various updates have made it such an enjoyable game. Use an array of plants to destroy and prevent zombies from reaching your house. By formulating different strategies, you can become victorious in both easy as well as hard levels.

3. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt airborne 8Gamers who enjoy racing games must know about Asphalt 8: Airborne which ranks top amongst the best racing series. With new graphics, features and updates, a player will be able to use high speed and stunts to do crazy yet fun races. With no bugs to worry about, you can focus on racing on the available tracks by choosing from the various cars and win to get rewards. You can flip through the air as you explore the different areas of the world.

4. BadLand

badland Badland is one of the top ranking free offline android games in 2017. It has thrilling yet magical forest atmosphere that makes the game fascinating for both adults and kids. In this game, a player who is a forest dweller has to provide passage to other creatures as they try to move out of the forest. Every level is full of different obstacles as well as deadly traps that the player will have to overcome so as to move to the next level. Upon winning every level, you get rewards that you can use to enlarge or shrink so as to avoid the objects thrown at you.

5. Quizoid

Challenge your mind and show just how good you are at answering trivia questions by playing Quizoid. The game has six levels each with more than 1000 questions, so time will pass and will not be bored very easily. The questions are based on different topics such as art, food, history, geography, nature, sports, language and many other subjects. You get to choose either questions and arcade mode where you have limited time or classic mode which has endless play levels. You will love this game as it is regularly updated hence the questions are new so as to challenge you.

6. Red Bull Air Race 2

red bull air race 2 If you don’t like racing cars or bikes then how about airplanes? This free offline Android game features more than 400 races and numerous competition where you can gauge your skills against other top contenders. The amazing vivid graphics and unique storyline make this game addictive. I just loved the
way this game is getting on my nerves. Best Air Racing Android Game till now.

7. Air Hockey Ultimate

airhockey ultimate While some other Android games need a fast processor, Air Hockey Ultimate works on any Android phone with an average processor. Despite its compact size, the game delivers a fun gaming experience. This game is ideal for anyone who loves sports as it is packed with championship mode that is based on realistic graphics. You get to choose 12 table themes which include ice hockey, football, tennis, and soccer. When you score a goal, there is a release of sparks and light glows to show you are a champion.

8. Swamp Attack

swamp attack
This game has over 10 million downloads which shows how popular and amazing it is to many gamers. The main function of playing the game is to protect your house against invaders who are crazy animals! A player has to use a combination of effects and weapons to increase their chances of survival. Whats to love about this game is that it is free, you can play it offline and has over 300 levels which are unlocked by a single player mode.

9. Pixel Dungeon

pixel dungeon If you love pixelated graphics, then this game is for you. Despite its pixel graphics, Pixel Dungeon is entertaining as well as challenging. The objective of the game is to move around and explore the dungeon while resources that can help you fight monsters. With each challenge that you pass, you get closer to getting the Amulet of Yendor. The items that you accumulate from earlier levels such as armor, punch dagger and door can help you unlock the hard levels. The door is efficient when need to kill a monster easily while the armor keeps you invulnerable and safe from unseen attacks.

10. Smash Hit

smash hit Do you love smashing things around you? Then why not show your anger by playing one of the best free offline android game: Smash Hit. The game combines surreal and futuristic graphics which add in enhancing the user’s experience. Using a metal ball, the player is required to smash everything that is on its way. There is music in each level which gives realistic experience as you smash your iron ball through the glass. With more than 50 rooms to break you will not get bored anytime soon. Your only job in this game will be to touch the specific position on the screen where you need the ball to hit. As soon as you run out of iron balls, you have failed the level.

While these are some of the best free offline android games in 2017, you can still check on Google Play Store to find more games that fit the genre you like.

Hello everyone, today I'm back after a long time with an interesting topic : How to Buy SSL Certificates at very cheap rate. I've done some research over internet and come up with this interesting SSL Certificate Provider, Cheap SSL Shop. Before that,let me introduce you about SSL Certificate. Let's get started.

Buy SSL Certificate At Cheap Rate - CHEAP SSL SHOP REVIEW

SSL Stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL Certificates are small data files, when installed on a web server grants secure connections from a web server to a browser by activating the HTTPS protocol and the padlock. Basically SSL Certificates keeps data secure between servers, increases Google Rankings, builds/Enhances customer trust and improves conversion rates.

An organization has to install the SSL Certificate onto its web server to provide a secure session with browsers. Once a secure connection is established, all web traffic between the web server and the web browser will be secure.

A website with SSL Certificate looks something like this ->|
SSL Certificate Websites
I'm sure you got some knowledge on SSL Certificates. After knowing why SSL Certificates are required, you might be wondering from where to buy it. Here's the deal : I'll provide you the most cheapest and trusted SSL Certificates Reseller :Cheap SSL Shop

Introduction To Cheap SSL Shop

Cheap SSL Shop is a reputed and authorized SSL reseller of most trusted and famous SSL Certificate Authorities : Comodo, Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, GlobalSign and RapidSSL. They sell certificates at very high discount price and there is no compromise with an SSL Certificate security level . So you will be getting same security level Of SSL Certificate as you direct buy from Comodo, Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, GlobalSign and RapidSSL but at cheap rate from Cheap SSL Shop. Isn't it really cool ?

Some of the popular SSL Certificates offered by them are :

1] Domain Validation SSL

If you are starting up businesses and purchased single Domain, then It's always wise to choose Domain Validation SSL Certificates from Cheap SSL Shop in order to get best online security at affordable price. Domain Validation (DV) Certificates issued by Certificate Authority immediately once automated validation process of the domain name is done. You can get domain validated Comodo Positive SSL Certificate at just $4.95/yr from Cheap SSL Shop.

2] Organization Validation SSL

Once Domain ownership and business verification is done by validating documents, then Organization Validation (OV) certificates can be issued. These Certificates are basically one step ahead of Domain Validation SSL Certificates.

3] Wildcards SSL Certificates

Sometimes we may have a domain and multiple sub domains under that domain. In that case, Cheap SSL Shop offers Wildcard SSL certificates at lowest price, wherein you can secure multiple unlimited sub domains with a single security certificate. It's price starts from $51.33/yr.

4] Multi-Domain (UCC/ SAN) SSL certificates

In SAN SSL certificates, we can secure multiple sub domains along with multiple domains with single security certificate, isn't it awesome ? Similarly, UCC SSL certificates creates strong encryption between the server and email client. It's price starts from $30/yr.
5] Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate is issued only, when CA ensure that applicant has the right specific domain and conducts strict validation of organization followed according to CA/browser forum EV SSL guidelines. When we visit some popular websites, we see address bar or padlock icon in green color along with company name. Have you ever wondered what it is exactly ? Well, it assures customers and visitors that data sniffing is prevented from hackers. And EV SSL Certificate turns address bar or padlock icon in green color. Get started with some cheapest EV SSL Certificates by Cheap SSL Shop to prevent from online attacks and phishing attacks.

Why to buy SSL Certificates from Cheap SSL Shop ?

  • Lowest price SSL
Cheap SSL Shop is a reputed and authorized SSL reseller of most trusted and famous SSL Certificate Authorities and they are committed to offer SSL certificates at cheapest price. I can claim that the products provided by the company are cheapest among all SSL resellers. You can start purchasing basic SSL certificates from $4.95/year. Isn't $4.95/year very cheap? 
  • Free SSL Certificate – 30 Days Trial
Yes,you heard it correct. You can will get domain validated RapidSSL and GeoTrust SSL Certificate for 30 days free trail. After 30 days, you will notified about upgrade of SSL certificate to extend validity. In this trial time, you can check if the product you bought is suited to requirements and you can aware about online security environment.
  • Full refund within 30 days if not satisfied with SSL
30 days Refund policy applicable on any SSL certificates, which you have purchased, If SSL certificate doesn't work as intended, then you need to notify within 30 days and Cheap SSL Shop will cancel or refund total amount. This makes Cheap SSL Certificate trust worthy and customer needs' oriented.

But I'm sure such situation will never come as the Company are known for their services at very cheap rates.
  • Customer 24*7 support
CHEAP SSL SHOP primarily emphasize on customer satisfaction and trust, that's the main reason why they have skilled, experienced and hard working support team, that works 24*7 for customers to beat any type of query related to sales, installation or others.
  • Good Ratings and Review
I don't think its wise to rate the company by myself, check what customers' think about the company and I'm damn sure you'll be shocked to know that the company has rating of 4.7/5 ,yes damn 4.7 fingers out of five fingers, is that possible even ? !! Check here for more details. 

How to buy SSL Certificates from Cheap SSL Shop ?

  • Visit here To find SSL certificates and it's offered price by the company.
  • Click On Purchase option for the product you want to buy.
  • Fill on provided options you want from Configurable Options and click on Continue.
  • Login with proper credentials. If you haven't registered yet, register an account. Its easy like Alphabets.
  • Click on Check out option and done !! Isn't it easy ?

Final Words,

In this expanding world, nothing is safe. In a time, you can lose all data so,security is a must in terms of websites and blogs. SSL Certificates helps to create a secure connection between website and its users so as to prevent from frauds .
Having an overall rating of 4.7/5, Cheap SSL Certificate is one of the most trusted and highly rated SSL Certificate provider at cheap rate. So,I suggest all my friends to try the service provided by them. Kindly let me know how you felt about the CheapSSLShop.

You think using a PS4 is all fun and games? Mostly, it is. But when your device vows not to work, it can be frustrating. You don’t want to miss a weeklong gaming marathon with friends because your console won’t play. Nor do you want to wait for the repairman or service executive from the company to show up, especially if you have a busy social life. Luckily, you can take care of a lot of stuff on PS4,
How to Troubleshoot your PS4: Ultimate Guide
as amazing it is, be it because of its graphics or animation or quality of games, is like any other gaming console. It can overheat, it stores cached data and can experience power problems. And these can be solved as well as prevented from happening through some simple methods. For more persistent or more technical errors, you might refer here or just call a guy.

A complete walkthrough to Troubleshoot PS4 consoles:

Dealing with Overheating:

A lot of people keep their consoles of or around dense or fluffy fabric. This can lead to an improper exit of heat due to the insulating effect. As a result, machines, especially gaming consoles, can slow down, interrupt or even get corrupted, if not catch fire! If your PS4 is taking time to process commands or lagging, and you find the console overheated, it is cause of worry. To cure this problem, the first thing you need to do is switch off your console from the power socket. Preferably disconnect it from the electrical supply. Let the console cool down, and turn on fans and air coolings to help it. Once it is close to the normal temperature, check and remove any thick cloth, cushions or curtains that are blocking the heat. Overheating is relatively rare in PS4 consoles, but you should still avoid keeping the device in cabinets (wooden or metal) or elsewhere. Preferably, 5 out of the boxes 6 surfaces should be free from obstruction, and the top surface should not be covered by linen, plastic or curios.

Cache data

Like all software, PS4’s operating system caches data as well. This cache is essential to help games load faster and prevent interruptions in gameplay as much as possible. But problem often arises when this cache data takes up so much space that it prevents easy functioning, thus defeating its purpose. If your PS4 doesn’t load games as quickly as it used to, it can signal at an excess of cache data. To clear it, you can long press the PS button on your console. When the menu pops up, choose to Turn off the PS4. The console powers off in about 10 to 20 seconds, but you can wait upto a minute to be on the safe side, before turning it back on. It’s much easier than clearing the cache on PS3.

Power fluctuations

Power fluctuations can often cause the PS4 or your other devices like the TV to power off and back of over and over. These fluctuations can be found in almost every corner of the world, but they can seriously damage your devices if left to their whims. Guide for Troubleshooting my PS4

It is on paramount importance that you desist from playing the devices any further. Go to the mart and get a compatible power stabiliser or similar device that stems the fluctuations. If pressing at the socket doesn’t help, you need to pay attention to the voltage you’re receiving through the power line and contact your power company if essential.

In-Game errors

How to Troubleshoot my PS4

In-game errors are often due to network issues, like failing to connect to a server, or due to issues like payment related incongruities, internet speed or PSN account issues. Occasionally, your software or games might require updates which prevent your game from working. To briefly encapsulate, CE or Common Error codes refer to network problems. SU means your Software requires update.NW again points to a different class of network problems and so on. It may also lead to Destiny error code Marionberry or similar errors which are caused due to networking issues. Similar problems often have similar cures. You can search for PS4 error codes online and figure out easy ways to fix them. I hope this helps you sort your problems on the PS4 console and resume playing your favorite games.

Author Bio: Jessica is an engineering graduate who found her passion in blogging and now does it full time. She loves tech talks and thus shares her passion for writing by blogging. Apart from this, she loves reading books and travelling the world!

Still Worrying about getting premium, seo optimized and free blogger template? If yes,wait is over !! Today I'll share with you all this premium blogger template , Sevida v2.5 blogger template for free of cost. Yes, you'll get this for free. Let's get started with the features of sevida v2.5 blogger template.

sevida v2.5 blogger template free download

Live Preview

Features On Sevida v2.5 blogger template

Below are the features of sevida v2.5 blogger template and I'm sure you gonna love it.

Normal Features of Sevida Blogger template:
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Supports Mega Menu.
  • 100% Responsive. 
  • Pro Admin Widget. 
  • Grid and List View Available.
  • Four Commenting System. 
  • RTL Language supported.
  • Custom 404 Error Page.
  • Designed Contact us Button. 
  • Social Share Buttons Added.
  • JSON Search Button.
  • Premium look. 
  • Ads Ready.

  • Recommended Post
  • Complex Widget by Labels Style
  • Spot.IM Comment
  • Font Awesome version 4.6.3
  • Jquery version 1.11.3
  • Mega Menu carousel Style 

  • Structure
  • Improve Pagespeed 

How To Install Sevida v2.5 blogger Template ?

 Follow below steps to install sevida 2.5 blogger template.
  1. Download the Template.
  2. Go to Blogger>Template>Click on Backup/Restore and upload the template.
  3. Enjoy !!!

How to Edit Sevida v2.5 blogger template ?

All details are provided in the documentation part of the download file. Template may contain some bugs and might miss some features. Below,I've mentioned two of the missing features and their solutions.

Issue 1 : Comment Section Not Working !

Go to Template > Edit HTML.
Search and find This code :


Replace it with the following code:
[hidden],template {display: none;}

Issue 2 : Theme Option Not Showing on Layout section !

Go To Template >Edit HTML.
Search and find this code:

<div class='admin row' style='display:none'>

Replace it with the following code:
<div class='admin row'>
Password is :

In a nutshell,
I hope you enjoyed the article and have your premium,seo optimized and responsive sevida v2.5 blogger template. I won't recommend you to get it for free as Admin has worked hard for the template. Go and buy from Themeforest . Keep learning and be in touch. Have a nice day !!

Nowadays, the trend of making the desktop look awesome is increasing and many of you have demanded me on message to provide some awesome themes for Windows. As my blog is hacking oriented blog, so I thought of providing some awesome looking Hacking Themes for Windows 7, Windows 8 and windows 10. Today,I'm writing the article about Best Hacker themes collection for Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1/10 for this 2017 year for free. Hope you gonna enjoy the article and hope your desktop look like hacker's desktop. So,lets start the article to get hackers themes for windows 7,windows 8 and windows 10.

Top Hacker Themes for Windows 7 and windows 8

Please remember, this article is only for educational purpose. I won't be responsible for misuse of the themes .So,keep it in mind this post provides only top rated 5 inspiring hacker themes for Windows free Download.

Best 5 Free Inspiring Hacker Themes For Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Windows 10

Well,below are some crazy hacker themes of all time and before proceeding I want to inform you that you need to use rainmeter to install these themes in your windows.So,first of all download Rain meter which is best desktop customization tool for Windows .

After that download any of the theme provided below and install the theme using Rainmeter. You can google for further on how to do installation of themes using rainmeter. 

1-  BlueVision Alpha
Blue vision alpha v0.2 is one of the best rainmeter skins, you'll Get lot of attractive widgets in this theme, you can make it more awesome by changing background. It will defintely help your background look totally professional...

bluevision alpha hacker theme

Top 5 inspiring Hacker themes for Windows Free Download | Blue Vision |

2- Jarvis (iRon Man Skin)
Jarvis is a Iron main inspired rainmeter skin, you can convert into hackers theme using new widgets and changing background image,Jarvis skin's central interface is damn cool.

jarvis hacker theme

Top 5 crazy themes Download | Iron Man |

3-Tron Legacy ( 3D desktop )
Just like blue alpha it is also totally professional hacking like theme for window users. You should definitely try this one too...

3D Desktop themes free download


Top 5 inspiring Hacker themes for Windows Free Download | Tron Legacy |

4- Alien 3d Rainmeter Skin
Alien 3d is amazing skin, it will give a 3d Look to your desktop and it is one of the best rated used theme about hackers for windows ...

Alien 3D Rainmeter hacker theme

Top 5 inspiring Hacker themes for Windows Free Download | Alien 3D |

5- Blue HDD
It looks simple but is very professional,have a try on it.....You will amaze with the view of this theme for windows.

Bluehdd hacker theme

Top 5 inspiring Hacker themes for Windows Free Download | Blue HDD |

Experiment : You can Make your desktop more amazing and awesome, by merging all skins's widgets/pulgins together , take a look, i've made it with blue vision alpha and jarvis.I hope you enjoyed this Awesome post on Top Hacker Themes for Windows..

That's all about Top 5 Inspiring Hacker themes for windows 7 and windows 8/8.1/10. Hope you learned how to make your background look like pro hackers. Thanks for reading this article. Please comment your views and if you have any new themes then kindly share here so we can update more themes on this post and make it a new era for Hacking....

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