June 2014

Microsoft Office 2013 (formerly Office 15) is a version of Microsoft Office, a productivity suite for Microsoft Windows. It is the successor of Microsoft Office 2010 and includes extended file format support, user interface updates and support for touch among its new features.Office 2013 is suitable for IA-32 and x64 systems and requires Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or a later version of either.A version of Office 2013 comes included on Windows RT devices.

Microsoft Office 2013 Direct Full Download With Activator

Today, I'm providing free download link for microsoft office 2013 for free with activator too !!!!
 Hope, you'll enjoy the tutorial and you can follow steps mentioned below to install Microsoft office 2013 full version for free.

Download Microsoft office 2013 KMS auto easy activator latest free

Installation Guide for Microsoft Office 2013 Full Version Activation

1.Open up the folder  Click "setup".
2.Go through installation process.
3.Finish then open Microsoft Toolkit.
4.Click button to left of Windows icon.
5.Go to Activation tab.
6.Have AutoKMS selected.
7.Hit "Install" then "Activate".
8.Should take a small amount of time.
9.Now your applications are activated.

Download Windows 8.1 Permanent Activator and Microsoft office any version activator only for free 

 Download Microsoft Office 2013 for free with activator from below link

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hacking ebook

This Ebook is a collection of all ebooks that are available till now. This is a Huge Hacking Ebook Collection for the hacking beginners and to the security experts to learn about the exploitation, sniffing, SQL attacks and more about the world of hacking. See list of eBooks Below. Please read all this manually and get yourself involved in hacking world.

  1. Hacking The Windows Registry
  2. Hugo Cornwall – The Hacker’s Handbook
  3. Hacking into computer systems -a beginners guide
  4. Hacking_IIS_Servers
  5. Addison-Wesley Professional.Honeypots- Tracking Hackers
  6. Wiley.The Database Hacker’s Handbook- Defending Database Servers
  7. John Wiley &_ Sons.Hacking GMail (ExtremeTech)
  8. Hacking.Guide.V3.1
  9. A-List Publishing.Hacker Linux Uncovered
  10. Hacker’S.Delight
  11. Hacker.Bibel
  12. HackerHighSchool
  13. Hacker’s Desk Reference
  14. A Beginners Guide To Hacking Computer Systems
  15. Addison Wesley — Hackers Delight 2002
  16. addison wesley — web hacking — attacks and defense
  17. Addison Wesley, The Outlook Answer Book Useful Tips Tricks And Hacks (2005) Bbl Lotb
  18. amazon-hacks
  19. Anti-Hacker ToolKit — McGraw Hill 2E 2004
  20. Attacking the DNS Protocol
  21. Auerbach.Practical.Hacking.Techniques.and.Countermeasures.Nov.2006
  22. Auerbach.Pub.The.Hackers.Handbook.The.Strategy.Behind.Breaking.into.and.Defending.Networks
  23. bsd-hacks
  24. ceh-official-certified-ethical-hacker-review-guide-exam
  25. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) v3.0 Official Course
  26. Computer — Hackers Secrets — e-book
  27. cracking-sql-passwords
  28. Crc Press — The Hacker’S Handbook
  29. Credit.Card.Visa.Hack.Ucam.Cl.Tr.560
  30. DangerousGoogle-SearchingForSecrets
  31. database hacker handbook
  32. Dummies — Hack How To Create Keygens (1)
  33. ebay-hacks-100-industrial-strength-tips-and-tools
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  36. ethical hacking, student guide
  37. excel-hacks
  38. For.Dummies.Hacking.for.Dummies.Apr.2004.eBook-DDU
  39. For.Dummies.Hacking.Wireless.Networks.For.Dummies.Sep.2005.eBook-DDU
  40. google-hacks
  41. Hack IT Security Through Penetration Testing
  42. Hack Proofing — Your Network — Internet Tradecraft
  43. Hack Proofing Linux A Guide to Open Source Security
  44. Hack Proofing Sun Solaris 8
  45. Hack Proofing Your E-Commerce Site
  46. Hack Proofing Your Identity In The Information Age
  47. Hack Proofing Your Network Second Edition
  48. Hack Proofing Your Network_First Edition
  49. Hack Proofing Your Web Applications
  50. Hacker Disassembling Uncovered
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  53. Hacker Web Exploitation Uncovered
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  56. Hackers Beware
  57. Hackers Secrets Revealed
  58. Hackers Secrets
  59. Hackers, Heroes Of The Computer Revolution
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  61. Hacker_s_Guide
  62. Hacking — Firewalls And Networks How To Hack Into Remote Computers
  63. Hacking — The Art of Exploitation
  64. Hacking Cisco Routers
  65. Hacking Exposed — Network Security Secrets & Solutions, 2nd Edition
  66. Hacking Exposed Network Security Secrets & Solutions, Third Edition ch1
  67. Hacking For Dummies 1
  68. Hacking For Dummies 2
  69. Hacking For Dummies 3
  70. Hacking.Guide. V4

Download Link - RareFile

Note: This tutorial is only for Educational Purposes, I did not take any responsibility of any misuse, you will be solely responsible for any misuse that you do.

I hope you enjoyed this article,please do sharing and don't forget to leave responses below on this best hacking ebook collection of all time. If you want anything extra,mail us using contact us page. Thanks and Have a nice day !!!

Mix Alive Working Proxies Server 2015

Hello guys,today I'm going to give you some working mix alive proxy server for free. In this growing world,the demand of security and hacking is quite more and as we all know the best way to remain secure is using proxies. Yes,you heard proxies and when we talk about proxies,mix alive proxies came into our mind . Using this proxies you can get anonymous and you can hack. This proxies work all over the world and one can easily use them. This proxies are updated and this are working for 2015. So, Feel free to use mix alive working proxy servers. Also,don't forget to share this article among social medias so that every one can enjoy the proxies...Further if you are facing any sort of problem regarding this proxies,let me know..I'll try to provide latest and fresh proxies for you. Hope this helped a lot and do a small favor. Share it and help us grow !!!

Mix Proxy Servers for 2015 for free :

It had been a long time since I haven't posted an articles on SoftsYard. So,today I thought to write some articles related to Hacking. Many of you have sent me emails asking how to crack files,how to hack password protected documents and extract rar password protected files without completing surveys.Some of you have also asked is there any software that we can use to break protected files. Keeping your problems on mind today I'm gonna show you best hacking trick to crack Password protected files for free in windows for 2015. Hope you can crack rar, iso, pdf, documents and many other files using this method.

And please keep one thing in mind,if you got yourself in trouble using this tool,then I won't be having responsible for the risk that occurred. use it at your own risk. Stay safe !!! use it in Ethical way...

Password Cracking Tools Free Download For Windows

The best way to crack password protected files is using some professional tool made by hackers which can easily break the password effectively in very short time. Such a professional tool is difficult to find but due to my continuous research I've found this awesome Tool which I named Password Hacking Kit 2015.

This Password Hacking Kit Consists of following Password Hacking Breaking Tools: 

As I already mentioned this toolkit has got a wide range of tools and below are some important features and tools available in this passwording hacking toolkit 2015/2016. Hope you will love it.

1. PDF Password Remover
2. Windows Admin Password Remover
3. Zip File Password Cracker.
4. SQL Password Remover
5. Microsoft Office Password Remover.
6. Microsoft Windows Vista Password Remover.
7. Rar File Password Cracker
8. Windows Password Recovery Kit
9. Password Changer.
10. Distributed File Password Recovery.. and much more..

Password is www.softsyard.com

Click here to Download This Awesome tool to hack and crack password protected files for free in Windows this 2015

Have you downloaded this toolkit. If yes,then enjoy and if you got to know anything regarding this,ping me using contact us page. That's all on this topic regarding cracking password protecting files in windows.Hope you enjoyed this article and I hope you'll be able to crack Password protected Files for free in Windows with this toolkit 2015..Kindly do a small favor. Comment and Share your views related to this article. Thanks For staying with me...Have a good day !!!

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