July 2014

Nowadays,the trend of Rooting android phone is increasing day by day.Many android phone users try to root their android phones but they still don't know what is rooting and how to root an android phone in a single click.No worries as today,I'm going to show you complete guidelines on android rooting,its advantages and disadvantages and simple trick to root any android phones in a single click. So,lets learn about rooting android phones.

Root my android phone in a click

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process which allows users to get root access to the Android operating system code (the equivalent term for Apple devices id jail-breaking) . By rooting your device, you can delete or modify the system files which in the default mode (unroot) i.e  the files which can’t be accessed can be accessed by rooting your android devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Your Android Phones

Now you've known what rooting is so you wanna know about the advantages & disadvantages of rooting the android phones. Here,I'm going to discuss some advantages and disadvantages of rooting your android phones.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting My Android Phones

Some Advantages of Rooting Android Phones

Rooting your android phones will definitely let users to have complete access to all of the following benefits..So,check here some best and popular advantages of rooting.

1] Access more apps

There are many apps available on internet for android devices but they run only on Rooted android devices.Unfortunately, many of these apps are just amazing and extremely cool to use. For example, an app called Set-CPU will automatically control the CPU usage of your android device and also it increase your battery life. But Set-CPU is only available for rooted android devices only not for normal android devices. So,rooted android devices will get access to more apps which is great advantage.

2] Preserve battery life

As I told you earlier rooted android devices and phones will get access to more cool apps and there are plenty of apps for rooted devices only that allow you to maximize the battery life of your device. You don't even have to sacrifice your android devices performance so as to preserve your android phone battery life.

3] Faster performance

Most of the android devices are pretty fast but rooting your android phones can make them work even more faster and quicker. There are some custom ROMs specially designed for speed which means faster transitions between apps, faster internet speed and all sorts of other performance related benefits.

4] WiFi and Bluetooth tethering

Using rooted android phones you can easily connect to WiFi and Bluetooth from your device to laptop or computer . You can create a WiFi hotspot from your device and share it to the world easily. You can easily transfer files and folders within a click to computer from your device . All this amazing and awesome features come on rooted android devices. Yes,you may get WiFi hotspot facility on latest unrooted android devices but still many are missing this feature. So, rooting can only solve that problem.

5] Install custom ROMs

This is the most powerful feature that you can get by rooting your android devices. Custom ROMs allows you to change the entire look and increase the performance of your android phones. Using Custom ROMs users can also easily load the newest available android versions on their devices

6] Full control over your system

The term ‘rooting’ comes from the fact that users have full control over the ‘root’ of their system. Instead of being restricted from editing essential system files and other data, Android users now have full control over their system. This means you can edit core apps, install new themes, execute commands, and perform all sorts of other special tasks.

7] Install apps on your SD card

Your Android device only has a limited amount of space. If you want to maximize the amount of space on your device, then you might have tried to install new apps onto your SD card. Unfortunately, most Android builds prevent you from doing this. After rooting your Android device, you’ll find this problem to be a thing of the past. You can now install apps on your SD card, which means more space for your important files.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phones

Rooting not only have advantages but also some disadvantages.I'm going to describe the disadvantages below.

1] Voids Your Android Phones Warranty

This is the worst part of rooting your android phone if you've android phone which is in warrant. Rooting of your android phone cause the warrant provided by the phone company completely void. That means your warrant won't work any more. Yes,in some case you can unroot your device again but in many cases there is no go back way. So, I strongly suggest you all not to root your android phones if you've your android phone under warrant.

2] Vulnerable to Malware and Virus Attacks

This is another problem that android users might felt when they rooted their android devices, Malware Attack. Yes,there are many suspicious and malicious apps available over internet. When one installed these kind of apps then there is great chance to loss data and your private information of android phones if your phone is rooted and you might be in risk. So,be careful if you're planning to root your phone. Although malicious app on the rooted phone or tablet has not really been a problem yet, but it can be in the future.

3] Your Android Phone Turn Into A Brick

Bricking of device means screwing up of phone software so badly that phone can no longer able to perform its function and phone becomes a dead phone which is also known as bricked phone. But most bricked phones can be unbricked.

4] Over-cloaking

In some cases, Rooting can cause your android devices over heat even when you do small task there. Sometimes is some extreme cases it can cause explode of your android phones.

 How To Root Your Android Phones In A Single Click?

Well, I've told you about the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your android phones. So, it all depends on you whether to root your device or not. If you don't want to root then its ok but if you want to root your device then be careful after rooting your android device. So,let's see how to root your android phone in a click.

How To Root My Android Device Easily In A Single Click Using PC

Step 1 :  Go to this site and download Unlock Root Pro. After that install it in your computer.

Step 2 : Install the required USB Driver for your android device on your computer. You can easily get driver just Google requesting for Your Phone name USB Driver.

Step 3: On your Android device, enable the USB debugging mode. You can Google on where to find USB Debugging mode.

Enable USB Debugging While Rooting

Step 4: Connect your Android phone or tablet to your PC using the USB cable. Run the Unlock Root Pro tool and it would connect your device to server and detect the model information automatically.

Step 5: Choose your device model from the list displayed and then click ‘root’ to start the process. Wait until the process complete. When the rooting is done, you will get a message saying “Your Device Has Been Rooted Successfully”. After-Ward, Restart Your android phone to see changes.

Conclusion :

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial on how to root any android phones in a single click. Rooting your android phones can bring all the facilities to your phone but be careful while using rooted phones. So, If you have any doubt or problem regarding rooting then feel free to express it on comment section. That's All, Have a good day.

Driver toolkit is very important tool for downloading and updating latest drivers for PC. So,every one are searching for its premium version .But while trying to activate it everyone is getting decompress errors. Many of the users are facing problem with decompress error while trying to activate driver toolkit v8.3.So,today I'm going to show you all how to fix decompress error in driver toolkit 8.3. This trick works 100 % and is tested . So,lets start on how to do this !!!!

Solve Driver Toolkit 8.3 Decompress Data Error

Firstly Download Driver toolkit 8.3 with crack and serial key from here

How to fix decompress data error on driver toolkit 8.3?

1] When you get the error, exit driver toolkit. 

2] Press windows+r (run) and run 'regedit'. 

3] Ctrl+F (search) and search for 'drivertoolkit'.  Or Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Driver toolkit...

4] Delete the entry (rightmouse button and delete) and restart Driver Toolkit. 

Should work now.

Note :You'll have to delete the entry's after every restart of your system. If Driver Toolkit doesn't start, try killing the program completly. Ctrl+Shift+Esc (Task Manager) and find DriverToolkit. Right mouse button, close program or something (not using an english system)

That's all !!! Hope you enjoyed the post.... 

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When some newbies blogger start their blogging career on blogger.com then it become very difficult for them to choose some responsive , totally SEO optimized and adsense friendly premium blogger template which may have search engine friendly, responsive layout, easy navigation and many other features. They are in search for professional template to make their blogger look eye catching.Yes, There are thousand of websites from where you can choose any blogger template but I've also done some research on templates from different websites and published some professional templates. This collection is based on my research so let's hope you love the collection of  some professional, premium , SEO optimized and adsense friendly blogger templates. These are some best blogger templates which everyone might be waiting for to install on their blogger site.  But first let's see why to choose premium blogger templates for your blogger site.

Premium SEO Optimized Blogger Templates


Why to Choose Premium SEO optimized and adsense friendly blogger template for your blogger site?

Premium Templates are eye catching , have responsive look, beautiful and covers each and every important feature like easy navigation menu, brilliant ad spaces to generate more income, related posts widget and many more.  SEO Optimized templates are search friendly. You don't need to install any plugins or do some complex editing to get good search results. Using SEO optimized templates you can boost your page ranking. And about adsense friendly templates you don't need to worry on where to put ads there's already listed some description on where to put the ads code.

So,lets start and see some top 5 premium and seo optimized blogger template collection. Hope you'll love the premium templates and will use on your site.

Download Sevida v1.6 Blogger Template ( 100% Responsive Template ) Free Download

Top 5 Responsive, SEO Optimized and Adsense friendly Blogger Template

Below are some SEO optimized and adsense friendly blogger templates with their images, demos and download option. Have a look and rate them !!!!

1 ]  Sevida v1.55 Blogger Template 

sevida blogger template

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2 ] BloggerYard Like Template

Bloggeryard Clone Template

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Also Check : 5 Tips To Become a Successful Blogger

3 ] Skill Blogger Template

Adsense Friendly Blogger Template
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4 ] Tech Shadow Blogger Template

SEO Optimized And Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

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5] ATB Like Blogger Template

Professional Blogger Templates Free Download

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Final Words

That's my premium seo optimized blogger templates collection which are totally adsense friendly,SEO optimized,professional and responsive. I strongly recommend every one to use one of this template as they are adsense ready templates, SEO optimized and totally responsive. If you've any other professional template then feel free to comment below :)

Today,I'm going to show you all, some awesome and professional Linux hd wallpapers of 2014. If you're a computer geek or a hacker then you'll definitely love Linux Operating System.Linux is open source and most loved OS for Hackers, Security Experts, Networking peoples, Mobile users and will save you from Government eyes. I recommend all to use Linux because of its reliability & compatibility. Today,I'm going to show you all Linux Operating System HD Wallpapers collection.Hope you will enjoy the wallpapers and Start exploring Linux.

Linux HD Wallpapers Collection

So,lets see some of the best Linux wallpapers of all time. Just Right click and open it. Then Save it and set it as Wallpaper. That's all.....

Linux HD Wallpapers Collection of 2014



1] Keep Calm and Install Linux

Keep Calm And Install Linux

2] One OS to rule them all,One OS to find them.One OS to call them all,And in Salvation bind them.In the Bright Land of Linux,Where Hackers Play..

Hacker Wallpapers for Windows

3] Windows Hands UP

Linux Vs Windows Wallpapers

 4] Red Hat Hacker Linux Wallpaper

Hacker Wallpapers

5] Here come UNIX, UNIX is one of most old version of Linux. its best of Servers and hell Awesome for Networking. UNIX is very selective about making friends

UNIX Wallpapers

6] Ubuntu Brown Leather HD Wallpaper

Ubuntu HD Wallpapers

7] Linux Ubuntu HD Wallpaper Pirated Collection

Ubuntu HD Wallpapers

8] Linux Hacker Wallpaper HD 

Linux Hacker Wallpaper

9] Linux HD Wallpaper collection

Linux Hacker Wallpaper

10 ] Hacker linux Wallpaper

Linux HD Wallpaper

11] Linux Hi Tech HD Wallpaper

Linux Hi Tech HD Wallpaper

12] Linux- Choice of GNU Generation HD Wallpaper

Linux HD Wallpapers

13 ] Kali Linux HD Wallpaper collection

Kali Linux HD Wallpapers

14] Linux is greater than Windows HD Wallpaper

Linux Vs Windows Wallpapers

15] I love Linux HD wallpaper

I love Linux

That's all for today !! If you've any Linux HD Wallpaper then feel free to share it !!!!

Hello guys,today I'm back with some amazing and cool tricks to speed up the internet connection. Everyone hates slow internet connection.Everyone wishes to have high speed internet connection but can't afford for that.So, many of the users are forced to run slow internet connection.But now the slow internet connection problem is solved guys. I've done some research and came here with some tricks to boost up slow internet connection . Yes,you have heard right working tricks to boost up slow internet connections . I've used this 4 ways to increase the speed of my internet connection.So,lets see 4 ways to speed up slow internet connection.

How to Boost Up my internet Speed

How to Speed up slow internet connection?

1]  Optimize your Browser 

First of all this simple tip to boost up internet connection. If you're using some old version of browsers or internet explorer then go and optimize that browser to latest version of optimized browser. I would suggest to use Google Chrome. Google chrome uses less memory and bandwidth than other browsers. Yeah,you can also try for Maxthon browser or opera browser but my strong suggestion is only Google Chrome.

How to Speed Up my internet Speed

2] Speed up Internet with Top Public DNS Servers

DNS server is also playing an important role in the increasing the speed of your internet connection.Using this trick you can boost up your internet speed on windows easily. Now let's see how to boost the internet connection's speed by using public DNS server addresses.

List of top 10 high speed internet DNS server addresses 

Preferred DNS server - 
Alternate DNS server - 

Comodo DNS: 
Preferred DNS server - 
Alternate DNS server - 

Norton DNS: 
Preferred DNS server - 
Alternate DNS server - 

Preferred DNS server - 
Alternate DNS server -

Preferred DNS server -
Alternate DNS server - 

Preferred DNS server - 
Alternate DNS server - 

Preferred DNS server - 
Alternate DNS server - 

Preferred DNS server - 
Alternate DNS server - 

DNS Advantage: 
Preferred DNS server - 
Alternate DNS server -
Preferred DNS server - 
Alternate DNS server -

Steps to perform to speed up internet connection using Public DNS server

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Open Network and Sharing Center
  • Then Open Local Area Connection and select IPV4 and properties
How to Speed Up my internet Speed using DNS Server

  • Now Click on Use the following DNS Server addresses and change it with any of above given top public DNS Address and click on OK.
How to Boost Up my internet Speed using DNS Server

You've now boost up your internet connection using Public high speed DNS Server.

3]  Using Command Prompt (  CMD ) to speed up slow internet connection

Yes,you can also boost up internet speed connection using cmd trick. This trick is simple and I would like to say this trick won't increase speed internet connection dramatically but definitely it will boost the existing connection to better performance. So,lets see how to do this.

Steps to perform to boost internet connection using command prompt

  • Click on Start and Select all programs
  • Click on accessories and select command prompt 
  • Now,run cmd as administrator 
  • Type following lines in command prompt and hit enter

netsh int tcp show global
netsh int tcp set global chimney=enabled
netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal
netsch int tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp 

How to Boost Up my internet Speed using cmd

That's all setting to boost up internet connection using command prompt.

4]  Speed Internet Connection Using Microsoft by 20%

Most of the Windows computer users don't know that the Microsoft has reserved 20% of our internet bandwidth for some of their own purposes like Windows update. By doing some changes on Local group policy of Windows computers, we can use the internet connection's maximum bandwidth. 

Steps to perform to boost internet connection using microsoft by 20%

  • Click on Start Menu and type run and hit enter. ( Use Windows key + R )
  • Type gpedit.msc on run command and hit enter.
  • Now go to Local Group Policy --> Computer Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> Network. 
  • Now double click on QoS Packet Scheduler 
  • Then double click on Limit reservable bandwidth
How to Boost Up my internet Speed using microsoft

  • Now a window will appear. In that window, select Enabled and then make bandwidth limit to 0 (zero). Finally click on OK.
How to speed Up my internet Speed using microsoft


That's all about how to increase speed up a slow internet connection . Hope you enjoyed a lot and if you've got any new tricks then feel free to share here.Thanks for reading this article and don't forget to share your response on 4 ways to speed up slow internet connection. Have a Good bay and enjoy new internet speed.

Today,I'm going to show you simple trick to watch you-tube 18+ videos without signing in. Sometime you-tube asked for sign in for age verification while watching you-tube videos so its a little bit disgusting but don't worry now you can easily bypass sign in to watch 18+ videos on You tube.So,lets start with this trick to hack you-tube...

Watch 18+ youtube videos without signing in

How to watch Youtube 18+ videos without signing in?

1. First of all get the url of the video you want to watch on youtube like this..

2. Then copy the Video Id. For above link video Id is 4Xkh6j7RMqk

3. Now paste the Video Id in the link given below.

  • Replace VideoId with the Id you copied in Step 2

4. Now the url will become as shown below.


5. Done.

That's all...You have successfully hacked you tube to watch 18+ videos..Hope this trick works for you and if you've any kind of problem regarding this post on how to watch you-tube videos without signing then feel free to comment below...

Ankit Fadia Hacking Ebook Collection
Guys,Today I'm providing ankit fadia all hacking ebook collection for free download.I think you all know about Ankit Fadia,if not just Google . He had created many ebooks on hacking and he is still creating. Download this all ebooks collection here.This ebook is very efficient to beginners' and advance learners.This ebook collection focuses on Hacking,security and programming so feel free and happy to learn from this ebook.

Review of the Ebook Collection !!!!

Ankit Fadia Hacking Ebook Collection free download

Ankit Fadia Ebook Collection free download

Ankit Fadia hacking ebook collection all in one

Download Ankit Fadia Ebook collection All in one 

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The Secrets Of Hacking Ebook Free DownloadThe Secret Of Hacking  is awesome for those who have no knowledge in hacking and want to learn hacking, its good start up for them. It has got many tutorials especially for beginners . One can learn basics of hacking using this ebook , The Secret of Hacking. Today,I'm providing Free Download Link to download the secret of hacking.Feel Free To learn Hacking !!!!

I'll provide the latest edition of this ebook very soon..So stay tuned and till that download The Secrets of Hacker Ist edition and read it thoroughly and hack the universe..

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction to real Hacking 
2. Advanced Malware research 
3. Windows Hacking 
4. Password Hacking 
5. Email Hacking 
6. Web Application Hacking 
7. Website Defacement Domain Hacking 
8. Miscellaneous Hacking 
9. Mobile Computer Forensic 
10. VoIP Wireless Hacking 
11. Vulnerability discovery Penetration testing 
12. Advanced Hacking with Metasploit 
13. Firewall, IDs Honey pot Hacking 
14. Securing System Networks.

Download The Secrets OF Hacking Ebook 

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Now,read like a boss !!! Feel free to ask any questions and say thanks !!

Today,I'm going to provide you all the download link for certified Ethical hacking v8 course for free download. This CEH v8 course includes number of topics related to hacking,security and programming.If you are able to complete them then you're sure to be a good hacker. So,why waste the time to know about certified ethical hacking,lets download this free full version ebook and enjoy the hacking....

CEH v8 Full Free Download

Click Here to Download 70+ Best Hacking Ebook Collection For free 

Topics included in this ebook

1] Introduction to Ethical Hacking
2] Footprinting and Reconnaissance
3] Scanning Network
4] Enumeration
5] System Hacking
6] Trojans and Backdoors
7] Viruses and worms
8] Sniffer
9] Social Engineering
10] Denial of Service
11] Session hijacking
12] Hijacking Web server
13] Hacking web applications
14] SQL injection
15] Hacking Wireless networks
16] Evading IDS,Firewalls and Honeypots
17] Buffer Overflow
18] Cryptography
19] Penetrating Testing

Click here to download Hacking IS iN my Blood part 1 By Invictus Haxor

Note: You'll read details of every course on this Ebook !!!!

Certified Ethical Hacking ( CEH ) is the most efficient ebook I've ever read. I've completed this course and I would suggest every one to take this ebook and learn hacking. So,feel free to ask me if you got any problem when using this ebook adn any hacking related articles !!!! Thanks !!!

CEH v8 Full Free Download with course and lab manual

Also download This Ebook : Hacking with Invictus 

Download Both Files and Enjoy Full Version of Certified Ethical Hacking v8 Free Download ( Course + Lab Manual )

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Enjoy this full version CEH Ebook free download and don't forget to comment and share this article !!

Hello guys,today I'm going to show you a simple way to create hacker like page.Yes,you've heard Hacker like page.This trick is simple and you can really make you blog look cool.As you know Softsyard is a hacking related blog and here I'm trying to provide hacking articles related to many fields , so it is necessary that the page softsyard look like hacking site.So,to make it look as if one can learn real hacking guides it was necessary for me to create something hacking related widget and tool. So,I've created this widget let's say template to make ABOUT US Section look like real hacking and scary !!! Even one who don't know how to edit html codes can edit the section easily..So,lets start to learn to make hacker like about us page !!

Scary Hacker Blogger Template

Click here to see demo

How to create a hacker like page easily for free?

1] Log into your blogger account and just create a new blog. Try to name it something related to hacker like scaryhacker or hackerlive.

Create a Hacker Like Website

2] Download the template given below and now simply upload it to your blog. You can find upload option on Template option . ( Google to know if you don't know )

 Click to Download Scary Blogger Template for free 

Password is  www.softsyard.com

3] Now everything is done !! I've edited all data's just replace them and put your data but please do a small favor just keep our blog link too while using this template otherwise you may get DCMA which may lead to the end of blog too !! So,Kindly put our blog link too...

4] Now,you are ready,simply create and edit the sections and put as you want. I've created about us page for Softyards.

Click here to see About us page which I've created

Thanks for giving time and don't forget to comment if you want more hacking templates !!!!

Temple Run 2 is one of the best endless game released by Imangi Studio. Temple run 2 was officially released on Google play store on January 17,2013.Till now more than one billion users have installed temple run 2 on their phones and the number is still increasing.That's why we can say Temple Run is popular adventurous game.Why won't it be popular,the graphics are eye catching and you won't find any lag in them.If you have a device with HD resolution display then you're going to see content of the game in better manner. So,today I'm sharing this great hack on temple run 2 to unlock all coins and gems and characters even on android phones that are not rooted.

Get Unlimited Life and Coins in Temple Run 2 without rooting

Being popular,the levels and steps to complete the game are too difficult for any gamer.Normal Gamer can't complete easily as the life is limited and you need to gain coins to unlock characters.Every character needs at least 250000 Coins to get unlocked that is very big number so you will find difficulty in unlocking them.Beside coin,you'll find great difficulty to get more lives.You need to gain gem which don't come easily.Even though you can unlock character named Santa Claus with coins and his power is gaining life for every boost after grabbing coins.But that is not real way to get more lives.I've unlocked him and tried to get more lives but I was succeed only to gain 1K+ lives which is very small number.So,I did some research and came here with working trick to get unlimited life and coins without even rooting the phone.So,lets start the article on Temple Run 2 Hacks to unlock all coins and lives on any mobile phone.

Temple Run 2 Hacked apk free download
Using this simple hack you will get unlimited coins,unlimited gems which will definitely make up to unlimited score.Temple Run 2 Android Hack really rocks as it works for devices which are not rooted. Using this unlocked features you can even unlock all characters and their abilities for free. Most important thing about this hack is that it won't harm your android device..So,Enjoy the article guys !!

How to get unlimited Life and Coins On Temple Run 2 even without rooting the phones?

1] Download Temple Run 2 Android Hack Apk

2] Copy that .rar file and put it in your android phone.Use rar extractor to extract the rar file on your android phone. Extract the .rar file on Android>DATA folder of SD Card of phone.If it didn't work then extract it at same position of internet storage.

Note : Be Sure you remove all history from android by simply removing running apps !!!

3] Done !!! Now,Enjoy unlimited lives and coins for free on your android phone.

If you still feel difficulty then comment on the box below !!! Kindly Share your thoughts and let us know if the trick works or not for you !!! Thanks for reading article on Temple Run 2 Android hack-Get unlimited life adn coins without rooting the phone......

Today,I'm showing you driver toolkit 8.3 working key and crack file for free . Try the key for Driver toolkit 8.3 given below..And if it don't work , download crack file of driver toolkit 8.3 and enjoy !!! Be sure you have put the crack file of driver toolkit 8.3 in correct position. Let's start the post about Driver Toolkit 8.3 and driver toolkit 8.3.5 crack and key for free download. .. First of all what is driver toolkit and why is it popular?Feel Free To know about Driver Toolkit 8.3 ( 8.3.5 Full license Key )

DriverToolkit automatically delivers the latest official drivers to your PC. Most of the cases when hardware devices is not working or malfunctioning are caused by incorrect driver installations or outdated driver versions. DriverToolkit has more than 8,000,000 driver entities in the database, including Motherboard, Sound card, Video card, Network adaptor, Modem, Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Printer, and Digital devices. You can easily update all these drivers with DriverToolkit. All drivers we offer are official versions or WHQL versions, you can use them without any security or compatibility concerns.

Driver toolkit 8.3 License key and crack

  • Download official drivers & fix driver issues.
  • Keeping installed drivers up-to-date.
  • Backup your important drivers.
  • Restore your driver backups.
  • Remove unwanted drivers.

While Activating you'll face  some problem with it,look here on how to fix the problem :)

Learn how to Fix Driver Toolkit 8.3 Errors and problems

Currently Driver Toolkit 8.3 is not working so kindly try these softwares to download required drivers on your PC :)

Soon,we'll update with Driver Toolkit 8.4 license key too so Stay Tuned and Share this article ... Thanks :)

Try this key:

Serial key: 7Q9F-Db51-4GR9-Dk52

Or Download Working keys with crack file for free from below link:

 Click Here to download Driver Toolkit 8.3 Full Version For free

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