August 2014

Do you want to download missing drivers and update present drivers automatically? If yes, then Iobit Driver Booster is for you. Iobit Driver Booster is the latest version and it has got a lot of drivers database. Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 not only download drivers but also boost your PC Performance and help you keep free from virus attacks too. So,Do you need Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 Pro for free including its license key,crack and keygen. If yes,then, I'm giving you iobit driver booster v1.5.0.6 pro license key and crack download for free with some key features of Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6.

Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 License Key+ Crack + Pro  Free Download

Iobit Driver Booster is a driver based tool that helps you keep updating with latest drivers and install missing ones. Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 is easy to use . Now,You don't need to worry about your drivers and their protection. It automatically back ups your driver database and helps you be secure. Below,I'll mention some eye catching features of Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 pro and will also give free download link for iobit driver booster v1.5.0.6 serial key and crack.

Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 Pro Version Free Download

Features Of Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 Free Edition

  • Automatically update missing drivers
  • Protect your PC from unwanted drivers
  • Keeps your Drivers up to date and enhance your PC Performance
  • Never worry about your privacy 100% secure
  • One Click Driver Update
  • Saves Your time as it is easy to use

Additional Features on Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 Pro Edition

  • Download Drivers Upto 300% faster 
  • Makes your gaming experience more alive by tweaking drivers
  • Boost Hardware Functionality for Top performance
  • Helps you keep your drivers Back Up
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Get Updated to New Version easily without losing license key
  • Supports More Hardware devices

Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 Pro Free Download With License Key and crack

Ok,now you've known some features of Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 Free version and pro version. I am sure you'll definitely love to have iobit driver booster v1.5.0.6 pro version for free.So,Download iobit driver booster v1.5.0.6 pro serial key  from below link provided and read some installation guide too.

Note : Password For File is

2] Install the set up.
3] Activate with the serial key provided.That's all !!!

Similar Type of Tools to Download Drivers

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed the article and you get Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 serial key for free. If you face any problem while installing or activating Iobit Driver Booster v1.5.0.6 with the serial key and pro version we have provided feel easy to comment below. We'll try to provide working license and serial keys,crack,keygen and even pro version of Iobit Driver Booster for free. Thanks and kindly share this article. Keep Exploring !!

Hello Bloggers and my friends, few months earlier I've provided you all working Driver Toolkit 8.3 license key for free but unfortunately the full version for Driver toolkit won't work & let you download the drivers so many of you were requesting us to provide some real driver downloading full version software.So,here it is Driver Navigator v3.4.5 Full Version for free. The download file contains Driver Navigator v3.4.5 (v3.5.4 ) working registration key,crack and keygen.So,simply download it and enjoy the hacked version of Driver Navigator v3.4.5.

Driver Navigator v3.4.5 Full Version Free Download

Driver Navigator is one of the tool that helps you download latest and missing drivers for your PC. Driver Navigator v3.4.5 has more than 4,000,000 drivers entities in their database including audio drivers,DVD Drivers,Graphic drivers,USB Drivers,Mouse Drivers,Keyboard Drivers, Video Card Drivers,Network Adapters,modems,printer,scanner and for many digital devices.So,Using Driver Navigator v3.4.5 you can easily update your drivers and enjoy PC performance.

Driver Navigator v3.4.5 Registration Key For Free

Similar Type of Tools To Download Drivers

Features Of Driver Navigator v3.4.5

  • Automatically Downloads Latest and Missing Drivers For Your PC
  • Boost Your PC Performance
  • Reliable And Comprehensive Services
  • Easy To Use And One Click Drivers Installation
  • Restores Drivers Back Up
  • Fix Your Drivers Issues And Auto Remove Unwanted Drivers

Driver Navigator v3.4.5 License Key+Crack+Keygen Free Download

So,why to wait to get Driver Navigator v3.4.5 and v3.5.4 Full Version For Free. Click Below Link To Download Driver Navigator v3.4.5 and v3.5.4 with registration key+crack+keygen.

Password is

Final Words

That's all and I am sure you enjoyed Driver Navigator v3.4.5 Full Version Free Download.Don't Forget to Comment Here and Share This Article among your friends and mates. Keep Exploring Drivers with Driver Navigator 3.4.5 . Have a Good Day !!!

Blogger is one of the best platform to start your website and spread your knowledge. Do you know, more than 175K+ Blogs are created daily on internet but all bloggers don't get success.Only few blogs get reached to people & are listed on Google Search. Still many other blogs remain back on Google. Do you know why all blogs don't get reached to people and remain back on Google Search .That's because they don't know how to start blogging and how to become a successful blogger. So,today I'm going to show you some guidelines to become a pro and successful blogger.

5 Tips To Become A Successful Blogger

Creating a blog is not a difficult task.You only need to have a Google account and sign up for blogger and just create a blog and start posting. Isn't that sounds easy? But only posting on blogs can you become a successful blogger.If yes then many newbie bloggers will definitely become successful over a night. To be a successful blogger isn't an easy task. You need patience and dedication to blogger. There are many things that take you to become a successful and good blogger. Follow this simple steps and you can get success within a month.

How to Become a Successful and Good Blogger?

As I already told you becoming a successful blogger isn't an easy task.You need lots of dedication and smart work. Here,I'm going to tell you some key points to become a successful blogger.

1] Keep Patience

It is the most have quality on every blogger. You can't get success starting a blog and writing articles over a night. You need lots of dedication and smart work. You must have patience while blogging. Many newbie bloggers start blogging thinking they can become successful within a night or a week. But they can't so most of them quit blogging. That's the main reason why you can't become a successful blogger. You need to wait till your time comes. You must have proper and positive attitude towards your blog. You must try to work smart and keep working with your blog. You have to update your blog at least twice a week and keep in touch with your blogs and its traffics. So,always keep in mind if you want to be a good blogger then keep patience while blogging.

2] Write Unique Content

Some tips to become a successful blogger

It is another key point to be a successful blogger. Your blog must contain original contents. Your blog shouldn't have copied articles and it shouldn't violate Google policy. Yeah,it may take a lot of research and patience to write your own original and unique content but I'm damn sure it will help you a lot in future. Your blog can get good position on search engine. Of course,proper use of keywords is another important factor for SEO but only using keywords on copied articles is not worthy. You must have good and unique content. Try to develop your writing skills and post regularly unique articles on your blog.

3] Don't Do SEO For few months

How to become a successful blogger?

You might be in surprise reading this key point and you should be thinking the admin has got mad. But this time,I'm right and not a mad. Yeah,you shouldn't do Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) for first few months of your blogging carrier. Try to think like a newbie blogger,first time creating a blog feels great but ask one question to yourself Do you really know what was SEO in the beginning. I'm sure you don't. I was too unknown about SEO for few months of my blogging carrier. So,for first three months don't care about SEO as it takes a lot of time and hard work to know SEO. If you try to do SEO by the time you created your blog then you can't get success. You won't understand any thing about it. So,only focus on Unique content of your blog for first few months and learn SEO from Google and some experts slowly after few months.

Learn How To Get Unlimited Google Plus Votes For Your Blog Post For Free

4] Professional Blog Design

Do you love to visit any blogs that don't have good blog design,have random posts and a lot of advertisement.I'm sure you won't.I also hate that kind of blog.I simply close the blog instantly without observing the blog contents.If anyone visits your blog and feels difficulty to read articles then he/she will close it without reading and your blog can never get success. So,it is necessary for your blog to have proper design and layout. It should be user friendly and it shouldn't bother your visitors. You should make proper space for your social media links, Subscribe button and make it perfect so everyone can enjoy your post without any hindrance. Try some of the professional blogger templates for your blog. Choose SEO optimized and Adsense Friendly blogger templates.

Download from here some Professional Blogger Templates

5] Have Good Communication with your blog users

If you are serious about your blogging carrier then you must have good understanding and communication among your blogger users. You must develop your ability to transfer your visitors into your blog subscribers. You should properly use RSS Feeds and Email Subscription. You should keep Subscription widget in that place where every one can see it and would click on that. You must create proper About Us and  Contact Us page so your blog users can easily know you and can contact you. You should also try to solve your blog users problem and keep updating them with proper and quality contents and knowledge. So,try to develop good communication with your blog users.

Boost Up Your Internet Speed By 20% Using This Secret Trick

Final Words

Well,I'm sure you loved the article and you must have known some guidelines to become a successful blogger. Follow above simple steps and get yourself in a good place on blogging field. Keep Working With your blogs. You can simply spend about 2 to 3 hours daily on your blogger. And remember to become a successful blogger you have to work Smartly not hardly. Have a good day and don't forget to comment and share this article among your friends.

Hello bloggers and my friends,today I'm back again with you all with some ideas to buy digital SSL certificates at very cheap price. Many of the users are requesting us to provide sites where they can get cheap rates for buying digital ssl certificates and yeah SSL2BUY.COM is the only site that provides best SSL certificate and complete security solutions for online business and applications. So, I'm going to write a review about ssl2buy and why you should buy digital certificates from ssl2buy not other websites.So,let's start with some introduction to Digital SSL Certificates.

Buy Digital Certificates At Very Cheap Rate

Digital SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) Certificates are electronic files that uses security protocol to secure communication and transaction across internet to help to identify people and resources over networks and Internet. It helps to secure proper communication between the parties and encryption. For example, If you are traveling to aboard, you might need passport for your identification.Likewise, in electronic world digital SSL certificates provide similar identification and secure your online business and entry. Digital Certificates are based on public key cryptography,which uses a pair of keys for encryption and decryption.A digital certificate can securely bind your identity as verified by a trusted third party with your public key.

I hope you have gained some knowledge on Digital SSL Certificates.Now,you might be seeking to buy it. So, I am telling you simple way to buy Digital SSL Certificates at very cheap rate from .

Introduction to SSL2BUY review

SSL2BUY Company is one of the most growing and best Digital SSL Certificates provider company that supplies complete security solutions for online business and applications at very cheap price. SSL2BUY offers best SSL security products like Code Signing Certificate, Domain Vetted, EV SSL, Organization Vetted, Wildcard SSL, SAN/UCC certificate, etc. at very low rate. This Company is getting good trust and reviews from Customers who buy digital SSL Certificates from the company. Easy Set Up, high issuance speed, ease of managing certificates, Low Price rate for SSL Certificates and overall Customers Satisfaction are the key ingredients that make SSL2BUY highly trusted and award winning Digital SSL Certificate Provider.

Main Reason To Buy Digital SSL Certificates From SSL2BUY

I already mentioned above in introduction part about ssl2buy company and their main features . You can never find such mind blowing and best facilities at such a cheap price starting from $42 for WildCard SSL Certificate. SSL2BUY has many reasons that attracts customers and gain good trust with them but I'll try to limit all those reasons to choose ssl2buy for buying digital SSL Certificate and mention some important reasons.

1] Low Rate For Buying SSL Certificates

SSL2BUY is the authorized global reseller for SSL Certificates that purchase products in bulk from CAs. So,They supply quality products to their customers at matchless prices without implicating the standards of the products. You can start Buying Premium SSL Certificates like WildCard SSL from the company at affordable price on only $42. So,the main feature of SSL2BUY is to provide quality products in cheap rate.

2] Customers 24*7 Supports

SSL2BUY mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and trust, that's the main reason why they have skilled, experienced and hard working support team that works 24*7 for customers to beat any type of query related to sales, installation or others.

3] Customers Satisfaction and Trust for its features

There're a lot of SSL Certificate providers that claimed their Company as the best Certificates provider having 5 /5 rating . But they all are most fake and not real review.The only Trusted company from where you can really buy Certificate at cheap rate is SSL2BUY. SSL2BUY Has more than 170+ Positive Customers Reviews. You can check Customers Reviews here.

4] Highly Trusted CAs

You just need to buy the required Certificate and forget about Security. The Company provides globally recognized as well as highly trusted CAs namely: AlphaSSL, COMODO, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Thawte, RapidSSL and Symantec(VeriSign).So,you don't have to worry about your company security.

5] 100 % Money Back Guarantee

Once you have bought Certificates from SSL2BUY and you've found it not working as you wished then you can get money back within a month.So,Customers can enjoy what they like..But I'm sure such situation will never come as the Company provides quality services at unbelivable cheap rate.

6] Various Lists of Products

Beside SSl Certificates,the Company also provides Malware Scanning tools,highly trusted Trust seals from World Class CAs and high quality products for signing documents for your business.

7] Genuine Opportunity to earn money

Yes,you've heard it correct.You can also earn real money with SSL2BUY Company.If you are a Web Hosting Provider, Domain Vendor, Web Design and Development Company or a SEO service provider,then for you the company has Designed API called "SSL Partner Program" which brings excellent opportunity to enlarge your bank balance.

How to Buy Digital SSL Certificates From SSL2BUY?

There's no large steps to perform to buy the products from ssl2buy.Just you need to visit their official website and choose required products. Click on Buy it and no further steps required.You can easily set Up that and if you've any kind of problem while installing or buying simply contact them and they'll reply very soon and you can solve the problem easily !!!

Final Words

Regarding other SSL Certificates provider on internet,SSL2BUY is the most trusted and cheap Digital SSL Certificate Provider. Easy Set Up and High issuance are the main reasons why SSL2BUY is growing a lot rather than other SSL Providers .So,I can only say Give it a try and I'm damn sure you'll be happy and secure from this digital World.

Today,I'm going to provide you all the hacked version of candy crush v1.35.0 apk for free download. Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment.So,you might be searching to get hacked candy crush v1.35.0 apk with unlimited lives,unlimited moves,all levels completed and bomb blast delays.That's why I'm giving you candy crush v1.35.0 hacked apk for free with unlimited moves, lives, all levels completed and bomb blast delay. This hacked version of candy crush can be easily connected to your Facebook account.

Candy Crush v1.35 Hacked Apk Free Download

Candy Crush Saga is a match three puzzle game developed by King Team and it is available for android, iOS and Facebook. Candy Crush Saga is the most popular android game with more than 46 million monthly users according to March 2013. Candy Crush v1.35 is the most updated and latest version of candy crush with many new features and levels.You can't stop playing candy crush  v1.35. So,lets download candy crush v1.35  hacked version for free.

Get Unlimited Life And Coins On Temple Run 2 Even Without Rooting Your Android Phone Easily

Candy Crush Saga v1.35 Hacked Version Apk Features

Ok,Candy Crush has released different versions of v1.35 and we're providing you all version hacked apk for free download and with their hacked features. So,enjoy the candy crush v1.35 hacked apk for free download.

Candy Crush Saga v1.35 Hacked Version Free Download

  • Infinite Lives.
  • Infinite Free Switches.
  • All Levels And Theirs Episodes Unlocked.
  • Dream World And Theirs Episodes Unlocked.

    Candy Crush v1.35 Unlimited Life,levels and bomb delay apk free download

    Login Into Facebook in Candy Crush v1.35 Hacked Apk for free

    Simply remove the Facebook apps and sign in from game.Sync it and once synchronized is done reinstall the Facebook app again and done !!!

    Instruction to Install Candy Crush Saga v1.35 Hacked Apk

    Simply Download Candy Crush Saga v1.35 Hacked apk from your PC or directly to your android device.
    If you've downloaded it on PC,transfer it to Android device.
    Now,install the candy crush Saga v1.35 hacked apk and enjoy hacks.

    Don't Forget to Comment and Share this Article !! Also Follow our blog for more Hacked Android Apk Files !! Have a nice Day !!   

    Hello guys,today I'm gonna provide you free download link for Sevida v1.6 blogger template. You might have heard about Sevida blogger template. If not then I'll tell you about this blogger template. Sevida v1.6 blogger template was designed by MKRdezign team with a purpose of providing 100% responsive template for bloggers. In this Post, I'm giving you sevida v1.6 free download link for bloggers. Before we download let's see what is Sevida and why is it popular nowadays.

    Sevida v1.6 Blogger Template Free Download

    Sevida is the premium responsive blog and magazine template for Blogger fans. This template shows you how cool and flexible Blog-spot magazine template can be.This template is so responsive that you don't need any kind of knowledge of editing templates. All you need is the sevida blogger template v1.6 free download . All instruction and guidance to install the sevida v1.6 blogger template is in download file. So,why don't you try sevida v1.6 blogger template for free.

    Also Check : 5 Premium SEO Optimized And Adsense Ready Blogger Template 2014 Free Download

    Free Download Sevida v1.6 Blogger Template

    But the template is worth $21 to get from theme-forest site which is big price but don't worry I'll give you Sevida v1.6 blogger template free download link. So,downloading Sevida v1.6 blogger template for free is not a big deal now as we're providing you full free sevida v1.6 blogger template download . Before you download the template let's see some eye catching features of sevida v1.6 blogger template.

    Eye Catching Features of Sevida v1.6 Blogger Template 

    Below are some eye catching features of Sevida v1.6 Blogger Templates. I assure that you can't even imagine so many features in one blogger template. Really,Sevida v1.6 Blogger template is the most premium blogger template that can definitely compute with word-press sites. That's the main reason why I'm providing free download link of Sevida v1.6 blogger template. Now,lets see some features of sevida v1.6 blogger template.

    Also Learn : How to Become a Successful Blogger?

    • This template is 100% Responsive
    • Optimized Search Button from JSON
    • Auto Featured Post from JSON
    • Featured Post Work with Image Slideshow
    • Easily upload background images, change fonts, change background color, key colors
    • Ajax more post load feature
    • Ajax Page Navigation
    • Mega Menu
    • Blogger threaded comment with emoticons ( Google + Comment Supported )
    • Lightweight Summary (option make it slideshow)
    • Two View Mode (List and Grid)
    • Attached Recent Comment Widget
    • Professional Related Post Widget
    • Designed Recent Label Posts Added.
    • Visitors can increase/decrease page font size
    • SEO Archive Page Optimized
    • Direct Print Page and email services
    • Blogger, Disqus and Facebook Comment System
    • Adsense ready template
    • Professional Top social icons
    • Shortcodes Suppored
    • Designed 404 Error Page
    • RTL Language
    • Social Share widgets
    • Easy to use with major browsers
    • Pro admin layout.
    • Included Light Version too.

    Hello mates,Today I'm here with this simple trick to get unlimited Google plus votes to your blog post. Yes, you can get real Google plus votes to your blog post link. I've come to know this trick yesterday and have tested the trick and yes it works.I get unlimited Google plus votes to my blog post . So,I thought why not to make you aware about this Google plus trick so have decided to share with all of you so that you can also enjoy unlimited Google plus votes to your blog post.

    Get unlimited Google Plus Votes For Your Blog Post

    Using this trick you can also increase your blog SEO and ranking as your site will get more backlinks and Google will show the posts with have more backlinks.That's why increasing Google plus votes on your blog post not only make your site popular on Google plus but also you can get organic traffics and increase your page rank. So,why not to follow this trick and get more Google plus votes on your blog posts.

    How to get more Google plus votes on my blog post?

    So,are you curious to learn and get more Google plus votes on your blog post. Then don't worry simply follow this steps and you can increase Google plus votes on blogger post easily.

    Step 1 : First step to get unlimited Google plus votes on your blog post is to put social sharing widget like share this or add this.Simply search on Google for above widgets and you can get code of your social sharing widget for free. Afterward, install that on your blogger so that you can see proper counting of shares made on each posts through social medias like Facebook, Google plus,twitter, tumblr, stumble-upon and so on.

    Trick To Get unlimited Google Plus Votes For Your Blog Post

    Step 2 : After you have properly installed social sharing widget then you need to join some big Google plus communities where there are many users. Its the key to get more means unlimited Google plus votes for your blog post. More the number of users on Google plus communities more chance to get Google plus shares.So,try to join some really big Google plus communities. Also,try to find the google plus communities related to your blog niche. Here are some really big google plus communities from where you can get unlimited google plus votes on your blog post.

    Google Plus Votes For Free For My Blog

    Some Big Google Plus Communities I recommend you all to join to get unlimited Google plus votes to your blog post

     Famous Quotes
     True Love 
     Science on G+
     Hacker News 
    Jokes of the Day

    Try to join about 15-30 such big Google plus communities 

    Step 3: Here comes the tricky part to get unlimited Google plus votes to your blog post. Now after you've joined above communities go and make the post. Click on Upload image and Choose some image related to communities . ( Note : You can get related images on Google. Just go and Search on Google like Famous Quotes and Click on Image and Save that image and now upload the image to Google Plus. ) After you've done that put your link on the description and click on share . That's it.  You can see demo on below image on how to do that.

    How To Get Unlimited Google Plus Votes On My Blog Posts?
    Example on How to make post to get unlimited Google Plus Votes on Blog Posts

    You can check the sharing of this post to see proof of the trick 

    How this Google plus trick works?

    You might be surprise on how this will increase your Google plus votes on your blog post right. No need to be surprised any more now as I'm going to tell you the reason behind this. Google Plus Shares on your picture gives Google plus shares on your link too.That means when your picture gets +1 vote then your link also gets +1 vote as link is associated on your picture. That's the main reason to get unlimited Google Plus Votes To your Blog Post.

    Final Words

    Hope you enjoyed the article on how to get more Google Plus Votes on your blog post. Using this trick you can now get good back-links for your website. This will consequently help you grow your blogger. So, If you've got any kind of problem related to this trick to get unlimited Google Plus Votes To your Blog post then simple comment below. Thanks and Have a Good Day !!

    Source of the Trick : Iftiseo Team

    I'm back with this cool trick to change the background color and text color of command prompt ( CMD ) . Many of you might think we can't do any tweaks and tricks with command prompt (CMD ) but you're wrong. We can sometime play with command prompt(cmd). We can change the background color of cmd , We can change the text color and font size too. So,today I'm showing you all how to change the background color and text color of command prompt (CMD ). Using this trick you can easily get good impression among your friends.So,let's not waste time and learn something new and fun tricks on cmd to change background color and text color.When anyone thinks about the command line an image comes to his/her mind which is like.

    Trick To Change CMD Background and text color

    What is Command Prompt (CMD ) ?

    All of you might know about Command Prompt commonly known as CMD.  CMD stands for command i.e it is a command line interpreter on Windows OS provided by Microsoft company. In Windows 9x and DOS it is the analog of COMMAND.COM ( Commonly Called as MS-DOS Prompt ) whereas in Unix system it is analog of UNIX Shells.

    Change the text color and Background color in cmd

    First you need to open cmd so as to proceed next step to change the background color and text color. To open command prompt simply follow this steps.

    Step 1: Click on the Start Menu.

    Step 2: Click on the Run option.

    Or you can press Windows Key + R to get Run command directly

    Step 3: Type the appropriate command  (cmd )

    Step 4: Click on the OK button :)

    That's it...

    Change the Text Color of Command Prompt

     Now,Type below command in your command prompt !!!

    color 0a to change the text color to green.
    color 0b to change the text color to blue.
    color 0c to change the text color to red.
    color 0d to change the text color to pink.
    color 0e to change the text color to Yellow.
    color 0f to change the text color to White.

    How To Change Background and text color in Command Prompt?

    Change the Background color of Command Prompt

      Now,Type below command in your command prompt !!!
    color 0a to change the background color to Black.
    color 1a to change the background color to Blue.
    color 2a to change the background color to Green.
    color 3a to change the background color to Aqua.
    color 4a to change the background color to Red.
    color 5a to change the background color to Purple.
    color 6a to change the background color to Yellow.
    color 7a to change the background color to White.
    color 8a to change the background color to Grey.
    color 9a to change the background color to Light Blue.

    Change text and background color of command prompt easily

    Note : In this code we are using a which refers to Green Text so while changing background if you wished to change the color of text too change A to other Alphabets like b or c or d or e or f. The text color code are same as mentioned in above process to change text color i.e b for Blue Text & c for Red Text.

    Here's an example on how to make red background with blue text.

    For red background,color code number is 4 and for blue text,color code alphabet is b so code becomes color 4b

    How to change text and background color of command prompt easily

    Hope you enjoyed the tutorial on How to change the background and text color in command prompt. Now you can prank your friends easily, can play with cmd and change the text and background color easily.If you got any problem then simply comment below !!!

    Hello mates,today I'm going to show you simple way to download torrent files using internet download manager. Yes,you can download torrent files easily with the help of IDM. Torrent files are in the extension of .torrent and the trend to upload in torrent is very popular nowadays as the files remain forever in torrent sites. You can also upload large files in torrent sites and one can download it with the help of U torrent or Bit torrent but sometimes you may find them boring at their speed. In some countries the download speed for torrent files are very low which is not good. So why don't we hack the torrent and get its maximum speed. Of course,we can use Internet Download manager to hack and download the torrent files easily. In this post,I'm using the help of Zbigz to download Torrent files using IDM. Now,lets see how to download torrent files easily using IDM. Before we start,I'm showing you what is zbigz and how to download torrent files using zbigz or you can say how to use IDM to download Torrent files with the help of Zbigz or how to use Zbigz to download torrent files ?

    How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM

    What is

    Zbigz is a gateway between huge data storage (BitTorrent network) and you. Zbigz Helps you enjoy easy download from torrent. Using Zgibz you can be anonymous while downloading from torrent. Zbigz provides free and premium services. You can even download torrent files easily using IDM from zbigz without registration. Only you need is the .torrent file or download link of torrent file to start downloading torrent files with the help of IDM from Zbigz.

    Why to use IDM to Download Torrent Files from Zbigz?

    Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) is a download manager used worldwide to download files. It uses 16 connections to download the files. Also using IDM you can easily pause and resume the downloading files. IDM features with many premium services which is far better than Bit Torrent and UTorrent. It is compatible with all browsers. You'll feel easier and faster to browse download files from IDM. So,no need to tell more about IDM as you all know its the best download manager in the world. So, Just Download IDM to download Torrent files easily and fast.

    Download IDM v6.19 Build 9 Full Version From Here

    How To Transfer Torrent Files Using IDM?

    So,now lets learn how to download torrent files easily using Internet DownloadManager ( IDM). Follow the following steps and enjoy torrent download using Zgibz and IDM.

    Step 1:   First copy the torrent files link or download the torrent file with .torrent extension which you wish to download from the internet directly without any torrent client like utorrent.

    Step 2:  Now open and you will land on their homepage.

    Step 3:  Then Click on upload Torrent and browse your torrent to transfer or paste the link directly and click on Go.

    Download Torrent Files Using Zbigz

    Step 4: Then it will ask you for Free or Premium service, choose Free to proceed further.

    Step 5: It will take some time to cache your file. Once the caching is done, click on transfer button to download your file as shown below.

    Download Torrent Files Easily Using Internet Download Manager

    Step 6: You should have internet download manager installed on your computer so that download start inside IDM. If you don't have IDM don't worry it will download directly.

    Note: If you decide on to use Free transfer then you wont be able to transfer file of more then 1 GB from Zbigz. So, you might Need Premium Account for Zbigz. Don't Worry I'll provide the Premium account for Zbigz very soon so that you can enjoy premium full speed download. 

    That's all !!! Hope you loved the article on How to Download Torrent Files Using IDM. If you've got any problem then Comment Here and don't forget to share this trick among your friends and relatives. Stay Tuned for more tricks and Hack the Torrent !!!

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