September 2014

Hello mates,today I'm back with you all with this awesome responsive and premium blogger template named Sevida v1.7 blogger template. I have already provided you free download link for sevida v1.6 blogger template and now the turn is for sevida v1.7 blogger template. In this version some bugs and scripts have been fixed which were occurring on sevida previous v1.6 blogger template. Sevida v1.7 is the latest version of sevida blogger template. But this template is worth $21 if you buy it from Theme forest. Getting worried !!  Wait.. Don't be worry as I'll be providing you free download link of Sevida v1.7 blogger template. Yes,you've heard right free download link for sevida v1.7 blogger template. So,let's get started and download sevida v1.7 blogger template for free.

sevida v1.7 blogger template free download

Sevida is the most responsive, premium, SEO optimized and adsense ready blogger template designed by  MKRdezign team . This template shows how flexible and responsive blogger template can be . If you even don't know any thing about editing blogger template then also you can edit this sevida v1.7 blogger template. The download package for sevida v1.7 comes with complete guide that you might need while installing and editing scripts and codes. Now, you might be wondering if the installation guide is available or not on the download link we are providing,right. No need to be worry, we'll provide whole template with all setting and editing guides. Now, let's see some eye catching features of Sevida v1.7 blogger template.

Eye Catching Features of Sevida v1.7 Blogger Template

Well,now its time to see some eye catching and premium features of sevida v1.7 blogger template. You can't even imagine so many features on one template. Really Sevida v1.7 Blogger template shows how cool blogger templates can be. I assure this template can compute with any WordPress Premium themes. Ok, Let's discuss some features of sevida v1.7 blogger template.
  • 100+1 % Responsive Blogger template.
  • SEO Optimized Blogger Template.
  • Premium JSON Search Engine Button.
  • Ads Ready Blogger Template.
  • Support RTL Language.
  • Pro admin layout.
  • Social Share Widgets Added.
  • Premium Related Post Widget Added.
  • Visitors can increase/decrease page font sizes as per their need.
  • One click Print option for Visitors.
  • Stylish Social Icons At Top Section.
  • Ajax Page Navigation.
  • Mega Menu Added.
  • Stylish Blogger Threaded Comment System with emoticons (Google+ Comment Supported )
  • Custom Error 404 Page.
  • Highly Responsive Layout.
  • Facebook, Blogger and Disqus Comment System Added. 
  • News Ticker Widget.
  • Drop down premium menu added.
  • Easily Change and Upload Background Image.
  • Available on all colors.
  • List and Grid View Mode available.
  • Light Version Available.
  • Shortcodes supported.
  • Recent Posts By Label (10+1 Style Available )
Why to use old version when you can get latest version for free. So,please download the latest version of Sevida v2.2.1 blogger template from below link
 Download Sevida v2.2.1 Blogger Template

Download Sevida v1.7 Responsive Blogger Template 

                                          DEMO  |||   DOWNLOAD
Password is

Final Words

Well,these are some eye catching features of Sevida v1.7 blogger template and I hope everyone will love such premium features. Now,why to wait? Give sevida v1.7 blogger template a try and I'm damn sure you'll love this premium blogger template. Feel friendly to share this article to your friends so that they can enjoy Sevida v1.7 blogger template free download. Also Don't Forget to say thanks . !! Thanks For Reading and Being a part of Softsyard. Have a nice day !!

Hello guys,I'm finally back after a week and now I'm thinking to provide you some good knowledge on Blogging field.Today,I'm going to give you an easy way to know and find out whether a website you're visiting is using word press or not. Yes,you can know identify if a website is using WordPress or not.

Well,everyone knows WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and open blogging source tool based on PHP and MySQL. More than 60% of websites are now on WordPress. The trend of transferring and creating websites on WordPress has increased but along with that we can't neglect some popular free websites platforms like blogger,type-pad,tumblr and Joomla. Still many users are using these free alternatives to WordPress. With the development on blogging field, we can now get templates and themes like WordPress for blogger, Joomla and type-pad too. Therefore, we can't say whether a website we're visiting and observing is really on WordPress platform or any other platform. But using this trick,you can identify if a website is using Wordpress or blogger or any other platform.So,let's get started.

How To Identify Whether a Website is on WordPress or not?

Well,now its time to check whether a website is really on word press platform or not. Just you need to follow below mentioned simple one minute steps and Congo you can now recognize if a website is on word press or not.

  • First visit This Website.
  • Next, enter the domain name in place of ENTER YOUR DOMAIN NAME which you want to check.
  • Click on Click on To Find Out.
  • Done,you can now check and know if the website you are visiting is on WordPress or not.

Well,SOFTSYARD is not currently using WordPress but we are planning to move it to WordPress soon. If you're having any problem regarding wordpress contact me using Contact Us Section and I promise I'll provide you hosting services and many other stuffs on very cheap rate.

I hope you enjoyed this article and now you can easily identify if a website is using WordPress or not. Don't Forget to share this article and trick to your friends so that they can also know and recognize if a website is on WordPress or not. Hope you enjoyed a lot and keep blogging. Have a nice day !!!

Hello mates,today I'm back with this awesome tip on how to boost up and increase Alexa ranking of your blog. Previously,I've told you some tips to become a successful blogger and in this post,I'm providing you some killer ways that you can implement to your blog to increase and boost up its Alexa ranking. This article is based on my research and I've implemented this trick to increase Alexa rank of my blog and it works very quickly and yeah,I too got the result. I boost up my Alexa ranking from 13,253,652 ( estimated , Something like this ) to 143,814 within two months of my blogging carrier. 

how to increase alexa rank of my blog

Now, you might be thinking how he did that or is it possible ? Yeah, this is 200% possible and using this killer ways to increase Alexa ranking you will also definitely get success but one thing you've to keep in mind that you've to keep some patience and go with this killer ways for few weeks to see the result. So,now you might be curious and wanna learn how to boost up Alexa ranking of your website, right !! Don't need to get worry,as I'm here with you and I will be mentioning all those ideas and guidelines I used in my blog to increase Alexa ranking.  Before, starting the article,I'll tell you some ideas on Alexa ranking, how they calculate your blog Alexa ranking and how to increase Alexa ranking of your blog. So,let's get started !!

What is Alexa Ranking and What does it mean for a website to have good Alexa ranking below 100K ? 

increase alexa rank of my blog is the daughter company of which ranks your website on Internet based on traffic level a website receives from people with Alexa toolbar or Alexa plugin installed. was founded on 1996 but at that stage Alexa ranking was calculated only on the basis of traffics received from Alexa toolbar installed users. But now they have expanded their calculation. There are many factors that determines your website and blog Alexa ranking like claiming your website and adding details of your website. Don't worry I'll be discussion those factors too on this topic.

It means a lot for a website to have good Alexa ranking below 100K. A blog/website with good Alexa ranking is sure to be ranked first on Google search too. Also, if a website has its Alexa ranking below 100K, then you can get real data of that website like ranking of the website worldwide and country based, traffic stats and popular keywords . Moreover, advertisers and ad networks are always seeking to advertise their products on popular website that has Alexa ranking below 100K. So,earning starts when your website gets good Alexa ranking.

Still there are many views regarding Alexa ranking of a blog. Some says Alexa ranking isn't accurate, it won't affect your website performance and also Alexa doesn't provide actual data of traffics received by website . But in my opinion ,Alexa ranking really matters as Alexa is improving day by day. Now they have many factors that determines your blog Alexa ranking. With latest updates Alexa is showing up and down on the traffic stats too. Also it provides visitors details and ranking of a website worldwide and country based. Moreover, it provides traffic sources, country from where traffics are coming and also loading speed of a blog. So,I think Alexa rank really determines progress of a blog and website.

How Calculates your Website Alexa Ranking?

how is alexa ranking calculated

You might be wondering how Alexa calculates Alexa ranking of your blog and website. Actually mainly calculates your ranking based on traffic level your website receives from users who have Alexa toolbar or plugin installed. Also Claiming your website and writing your website details on Alexa are other factors that determines your website Alexa ranking. But Alexa toolbar installed page views is main factor.

For example, if your website is receiving 10K+ visitors daily,then you might be thinking your Alexa rank will boost up very quickly but it won't happen. Only traffics with Alexa toolbar or plugin installed will be calculated. So,only receiving traffics don't determine your website Alexa rank. That's why, Blogging and tech niche blogs have Alexa ranking better than those of educational sites although educational sites receives high traffics.

How to Increase Alexa Ranking Of Your Blog Very Quickly ?

Now, you've known what is Alexa ranking and how is Alexa ranking of your website is calculated. Time to come to the fact point of the topic i.e how to increase Alexa ranking of my blog very quickly. Simply follow below mentioned steps and get ready to boost up your Alexa ranking and get it below 100K instantly.

Killer Ways to Boost Alexa Ranking Of my Blog

1] Add Alexa Widget To Your Blog

Yes,Installing Alexa widget to your website can really help you boost up and improve your Alexa ranking. Add Alexa widget to the footer of your website and blog to get huge Alexa ranking. The widget shows Global Rank and Sites linked with your website. You can add Alexa widget to your blog in simple steps.

  • Go to Your Blog Dashboard And Click On Layout.
  • Go to footer Section and click on Add A Gadget.
  • Forward to HTML / JAVASCRIPT and add this code there and click on save.

<a href=""><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></a> 

                      Just replace with your website url.

Congo you've successfully installed Alexa widget to your blog footer. See Demo at the footer section of our blog.

2] Write Detailed and Unique Content Articles

Improve my blog alexa ranking fast

Everyone knows Content Is King.Yes,unique content is another factor that determines the Alexa ranking of your blog. Write detailed and very unique contents on your blog. Give consistency to your blog post and be regular there. Try to write at least 500+ words for good Alexa ranking. Writing detailed and unique can help you get good organic traffics and can really help you get good rank in Alexa. Also be quick to reply comments on your blog too.

3] Claim your Site

Claiming your website and blog can also help you increase and boost up your Alexa ranking very quickly. Claiming your website is not a headache process.You can do that in a step. By claiming you verify that the site is owned by you. Follow below mentioned steps to claim your website.

  • Create a Alexa Account and Now log in.
  • Go to Dashboard and Add your site.
  • Now,you'll get two options to verify and claim your site. Click on Free.
  • Either add the script or upload a file to root directory. Done !! 

You've successfully claimed your site.

4] Install Alexa Toolbar To Your Browser

You might be visiting your blog for about 10-20 times a day and if you've Alexa toolbar installed then it can really help you boost up your Alexa ranking. As I earlier told you about the importance of Alexa toolbar for your website ranking so read above about that. Also installing Alexa Toolbar is not a big deal.You just need to follow this simple steps.

  • Go to This Site.
  • Click on Install Toolbar and simply install it as mentioned there.
  • Now,restart your browser to see the effect !! Congo !!

You've now successfully installed Alexa toolbar to your browser.

Please note: You need Firefox,Chrome or Internet explorer latest version to install this toolbar,it is not supported on other browsers.

5] Utilize Social Medias

how to increase alexa ranking on my blog using social medias

Social medias can help you boost your Alexa ranking very quickly. Try to make your website users friendly. Put proper share buttons and social media links too so that people can share your contents easily and your content can get popular on social medias. More your content get popular more the traffics you're going to receive on your website and that can really help you boost your Alexa ranking dramatically. I would suggest you some of the social medias where you should focus to get good traffics for your website to increase Alexa rank of your blog very quickly.

You can learn Here on How to get more Google Plus Votes To your Blog and blog Post easily?
  • Google Plus ( Highly Recommended )
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Reddit ( Highly Recommended )
  • Stumble Upon ( Highly Recommended )

6] Write a Review about Alexa on Your Website

Yes,writing a good review about Alexa can really help you get good rank for your website. You need to write at least 500+ words with proper keywords and content. You have to put at least 2 or 3 Alexa referring do follow links so that Alexa can recognize your website and it will help you a lot. So,next time don't forget to write a review regarding Alexa like what is Alexa,how to boost up Alexa ranking and so on. You can take this post as example which I've written for Alexa to increase and improve my Alexa ranking.Check there I've provided two do follow back-links to Alexa main website.

7] Build Back links To Your website

Back links are another factors that are responsible for getting traffics to your website.A website with high back-links is sure to get good rank on search engine. So,you must focus on building high page rank back links for your website. Alexa calculates Link that forwards you and measure your Alexa ranking on the basis of the links in option.

Well,first Let me make you clear what is the difference between back links and Alexa link in. You can create many back links from one website but only one Alexa link in from that. For example, if you post your website link in the comment section of our website,you'll get one Alexa link in and one back link. Now,if you move to another post of our website and again post comment with your same link,then you'll get again another back link but not Alexa link in. That means Alexa link in can be one from one website but back links can be many. But still focus on making back links,it will help you in SEO.

Bonus Tip For You All

Use Alexa Boost Up To Boost Up Your Alexa ranking faster and quicker. Actually I've also visited this site a week ago and have tested it and found it great. You might be wondering how this site helps you to get good Alexa ranking. OK,let me tell you how it works.

Increase alexa ranking of my website quickly using alexaboostup

Alexa Boost Up works visit each other website strategy. Once you have successfully registered on this site then you'll have to check other website and in return they'll also check your website. One important thing to be a part of Alexa Boost UP is that you've to install Alexa toolbar on your browser. They've come with auto launch surf option. So,only you need is to register there and click on Launch Auto Surf and let it do rest of the work. Your browser will open new websites frequently which are listed on Alexa boost up and in return you'll earn some points ( 1 Hit = 1 Point ) and You'll also get same amount of visitors to your website. While registering you'll get 100 points so just sign up and enjoy !!

So,Isn't that cool? Just open your browser in private mode and log in to Alexa Boost Up and launch auto surf..Now,go to your own work what you were doing previously. Done !! . Your Alexa rank will increase day by day.

Final Words

That's all on how you can boost up and improve your Alexa ranking of your blog quickly and fast. If you've got any new idea to increase Alexa Ranking,please let me know I'll definitely add it above in my list. And my last strong suggestion is that you shouldn't go with any websites that claimed to provide good Alexa ranking automatically ,they all are scam and they'll definitely ruin your website. So,keep posting on your website and share it every where you can !! At last, Don't Forget To Install Alexa Tool Bar.

After a long time,I'm back with this Internet Download manager v6.21 build 9 full version for free. Everyone loves internet download manager but it has a 30 days trial so after 30 days you will get a fake serial key pop up. So, you might be in need of the new full registered version of idm for free download. Don't Worry today I'm going to provide you idm v6.21 build 9 full version with license key and crack.You will definitely enjoy these working license key,patch and crack for internet download manager v6.21 build 9 full for completely free.So,let's get started.

IDM v6.21 Build 9 Full version free download with license key

What's new on Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) v6.21 Build 9 ?

( Released On : September 05,2014 )

  • Added support for Firefox 34 and SeaMonkey 2.30 .
  • Fixed problems with Google Chrome extension for non-default zoom .

System Requirements to run IDM v6.21 Build 9:

RAM : 256 MB
Processor: 1 GHz
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1

Internet Download Manager v6.21 Full Version Free Download with serial key

Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) v6.21 Full Free Download Setup

If you already have installed Internet Download Manager any version and getting fake serial key problem then before you start this full version set up for IDM v6.21 Build 9 ,I recommend you to uninstall IDM Permanently using any one of the following uninstaller. 

1.Revo Uninstaller Pro
2.IObit uninstaller

But if haven't installed IDM till now or you aren't getting any fake serial key pop up then no need to do above step,now move to below simple steps and be ready to make your internet download manager ( IDM ) v6.21 Build 9 Full version for free with the help of license key,crack,patch and keygen provided below.

    Internet Download Manager v6.21 Patch File Free Download
    Proof of the IDM v6.21 Build 9 Activator ( Patch File )


  • Simply Download The Set Up File From Below Link. 
  • Install Internet download manager v6.21 Build 9 Trial . 
  • Close IDM from system tray and run the Patch File. 
  • Click On Patch And Done !!! Congo !! 
 You've now Internet download manager ( IDM ) v6.21 Build 9 Full Version.

                    Download IDM v6.21 Build 9 Full Version For Free From Here

Password is


I Hope you enjoyed the article on Internet download manager ( IDM ) v6.21 Build 9 Full Version Free download with patch,crack,serial key and keygen. If you feel any problem while using this patch please comment below and also don't forget to rate this post and share it among your friends.

Hello Bloggers,Today I'm going to show you an awesome blogger widget ( Stylish Social Media Buttons with hover effect ) that will definitely help your blog look great.The blogger widget not only looks attractive and eye catching but also it will help you get fans on social medias. After a long time, I've played with codes and created this Social Icons with Hover Effect for your blog and website. You can simply add this widget to both platforms blogger and WordPress. The Hover effect is cool and it looks totally professional. The code provided by us is also easy to edit and you can simply make it look more professional . But before that I'm going to teach you how to add Social media buttons with Hover Effect widget to your blog. So,let's get started and be ready to add this awesome professional stylish social media buttons and icons with hover effect to your blog.

Add Stylish Social Media Icons With Hover Effect To My Blog

How To Add Stylish Social Media Icons ( Buttons ) To Your Blog?

Now,you've seen the demo of the social media widget. I hope you loved that and now its time to add this awesome social media widget with hover effect to your blogger and WordPress website. Simply.Follow below mentioned steps.

1] For Blogger Users

  • Log into Your Blogger account and navigate to your blog where you want to add this widget.
  • Click on Layout.
  • And Click On Add A Gadget and Navigate to HTML/JavaScript .
  • Now,Simply Paste the below provided HTML code in the widget box.
  • Done !!

2] For WordPress Users

  • Log in to your WordPress account and go to your blog panel.
  • Click On Appearance.
  • Now,click on Widget and Add a text widget.
  • Now,simply paste below HTML code there.
  • Done.

Note : Paste This HTML Code and If you want to remove any social icon then remove it from <a to </a> .

Check Here the HTML Code

 Don't Forget To Replace My Social Media Username With Your Username.

That's all and You're Done !!!

Final Words

I hope that you guys will like this Social Icons with Hover Effect for Your Blog. The HTML Code is very simple,just follow above mentioned steps and add them in your blog and enjoy the widget. If you still have any confusions regarding this social media buttons with hover effect, just feel free to ask me in comments. I'm there for you guys! :-)

We all love our old photos as they remind us those happy and fun moments, they just take us to that time and we get in love with those pictures. But as the time passes, these images get torn and they start to lose their quality because of a process called silvering in which the image loses its quality and starts to turn into a silvery shade. The silvering totally damaged your old images and photos along with your memories. So,you  
might be wondering if you can recover those old damaged images into their original form? You might be thinking if you can or not. So,today let me tell you in clear whether you can recover those old memorial damaged images or not. Definitely,yes you can recover and restore your damaged old images easily using Photoshop.

How to recover old damaged images easily using photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful tool that can really help you recover and restore your old memorial images and photos.Its very easy process and I assure you'll love to know this awesome Photoshop trick.You don't need to be worry about how you can do it as today I'm providing you this secret trick to recover and restore old damaged images using Photoshop.Now,no need to go to studio and spend bucks for restoring your old images. So don’t waste your time and scroll a bit to know the trick!

Things required to restore old damaged images using Photoshop

Pretty excited to see the tutorial? Wait a minute, as I'm telling you the stuff which you need before learning the trick to restore your old damaged images and photos back to its original form. So put excitement beside and read the list first!

  • Photoshop CS3+
  • Digital Version of Damaged Photo
  • A human brain

Well these are the only things we need, as of now. And now you can finally head to the tutorial!

How to Recover Damaged Old Images using Photoshop ?

So finally the tutorial is here! Don’t waste your time and read it! And yeah we are keeping it simple and to the point so you don’t get confused!

  • Open any damaged old image and crop it according to your needs.
Restore Damaged  images using photoshop
We are using this old damaged image to recover

  • Now we need to boost contrast, for that go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels and then click OK.
  • Now drag the black input slider to the right and change the value to 29. With this we will darken the grey shades of the image.
  • Now we need to drag the white input slider towards left so it reaches value of 215. With this the shot’s weak highlights would be brightened up.

Recover and Restore Damaged  images using photoshop

  • Now its time to drag the grey slider to the right, adjust it according to yourself. With the help of this we will brighten and detail the mid tones.
  • Now its time to create a smart object, for this we will click on Layer 0 and press CTRL+ J to layer via copy. 
  • Now go to filter > convert for smart filter. Press OK. 
  • Now again go to layer > Noise > Dust and Scratches. Set the radius and threshold as you want.

Recover and Restore old Damaged  images easily using photoshop

  • Now click on the filter layer and press CTRL+ I.
  • Now get a paintbrush with White color as foreground and start painting on the scratches, leave the scratches on face and clothes for now.
  • Now its time to patch the scratch, grab the patch tool and then select the are of scratch on the clothes and then move it a bit above.
  • Now grab clone tool and then clean that place and tidy it up. 
  • Now for the face get the heal tool and start painting on the face.
  • You will see that the scratches have gone and you are having the perfect quality image with you!

Restore Damaged  images using photoshop easily
Final Preview of The old Damaged Image

Final Words

Now,I hope you have successfully learned the trick to recover and restore old damaged images easily using Photoshop. If you are still facing problem with this trick while recovering old damaged images then feel easy to share below your problem and also don't forget to say thanks. Keep Laughing and Have a Nice Day !!

This Article is submitted by Maadhav Saxena, admin at Photoshop Center ( Shop Tuts )

To get traffics have also been a great challenge to all bloggers. Although they have high quality posts and perfectly designed websites but many bloggers can't get success in terms of traffics and earning. But I was really successful to boost up my blog,Softsyard in terms of traffics and earning. I've started Softsyard about three months ago and now it is growing exponentially day by day.The month of August had been my best month ever in the field of Blogging.

How I Drove 500K+ PageViews To SoftsYard On August

SoftsYard Statistics Before August 

The first few months for Softsyard were really difficult,disgusting and boring for me. I was not even able to get 5K+ visitors daily on Softsyard. The traffics that came were mainly from social medias especially Facebook. I was continuously posting on many Facebook groups and pages about my articles and blog so that people can find me but I didn't get much success. During April and June Facebook Algorithm hit rolled and many Facebook pages reach were down which brings adverse effect on my blog. Moreover,the few traffics which I drove from Facebook on the blog weren't actually doing great with adsense which was our main source.  So, the time came for me to do something new. I already had few knowledge on SEO and I thought to work on that to drive traffics for my blog.So,I started Exploring SEO and doing Keywords research.

In a nutshell, first few months didn't work for my blog and I wasn't able to drive enough traffic for my blog. But I didn't lose hope and give priority to contents and SEO due to which today I am successful to get high organic traffics on Softsyard.

How I get success to drive 500K+ traffics on August?

Success don't come instantly. You need to do a lot of labor and smart work. Behind my blog success there are also many responsible factors and ideas but I'll briefly describe some of the main factors which we implement on the blog to get high traffics.

1] Page Backlinks

You might know backlinks play an important role for your blog to get good traffics. So, from beginning I mainly focused on growing the blog backlinks. May be I wasn't so much successful but still I've got some strong PR9,PR8,PR7 do follow backlinks for my blog. I strongly suggest you not to buy any backlinks on Internet as you can get good backlinks for free. You can Google To get High pagerank backlinks for free.

2]  Proper Selection of Keywords

Doing Keywords Research and properly using keywords is another important factor for your blog.I've chosen some popular keywords by doing keywords research and focused on them. I have used keywords very wisely . While posting articles I tried to properly place the trending keywords. That's why I get first ranked on many articles and get some decent organic traffics.

3] Consistency

I was regularly updating my blog with some articles. I was trying to post one article per day but I wasn't successful on that. Due to exams and some personal works,I was only able to post 2 articles per week. But I didn't take break and start giving consistency to the blog and its users. I replied comments and emails daily and help the users of Softsyard which result my blog to be popular among users.

4] Youtube

It was also another factor which helps us to get high traffics on Softsyard. I was doing some research on Youtube trending posts and  got some idea on that. I made videos and optimize them and yeah I got success. My videos were getting more than 10K+ daily views. I provided link about my blog on my videos and  nearly my blog received around 100K+ visitors from you tube only.

5] Good Social Sharing

You might have seen my blog getting good Google plus votes. Softsyard was getting good social medias sharing which results more traffics. The Blog nearly received around 10K+ visitors this month from Google Plus and Facebook only. I've also managed to put social sharing widgets properly on the blog and made the blog users friendly and professional. That might be the reason too that many users find it interesting to share our blog and its contents.

6] Publishing Trending Posts

Posting trending topics can really help you get good traffics and search results. Do research on some of your blog niche websites and try to understand which topics are trending and give a try to the topic on your blog too. I've visited many websites related to my niche and saw their popular posts. I too tried to make such articles and I got successful too.

Statistics On The Month Of August

After all my smart work I obviously expected good results but the outcome was not only good, but was outstanding. My Blog experienced the highest page-views in the month of August around 500K+ . Our Blog was  receiving more than 20K+ daily page-views. Main source was Google. :D

Traffic History For Softsyard on the month of August

 For Today,as it is only half day passed so around 15K+ , Will be 25K+ when whole day got completed.

Traffic History For Softsyard on August

This August, Alexa of SoftsYard Also Improves From 5,500,356 to 203,863.

Final Words

Yeah,Blogging is not so much easy as you think. You need a lot of patience and smart work. You should follow some quick ideas and write original and unique contents on your blog. Give your blog consistency and yeah you'll definitely be a successful Blogger very soon.

I am hoping to get good responses from you.Also Don't Forget to Share This Article and Support Us !!

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