How to know if a website is using wordpress or not?

Hello guys,I'm finally back after a week and now I'm thinking to provide you some good knowledge on Blogging field.Today,I'm going to give you an easy way to know and find out whether a website you're visiting is using word press or not. Yes,you can know identify if a website is using WordPress or not.

Well,everyone knows WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and open blogging source tool based on PHP and MySQL. More than 60% of websites are now on WordPress. The trend of transferring and creating websites on WordPress has increased but along with that we can't neglect some popular free websites platforms like blogger,type-pad,tumblr and Joomla. Still many users are using these free alternatives to WordPress. With the development on blogging field, we can now get templates and themes like WordPress for blogger, Joomla and type-pad too. Therefore, we can't say whether a website we're visiting and observing is really on WordPress platform or any other platform. But using this trick,you can identify if a website is using Wordpress or blogger or any other platform.So,let's get started.

How To Identify Whether a Website is on WordPress or not?

Well,now its time to check whether a website is really on word press platform or not. Just you need to follow below mentioned simple one minute steps and Congo you can now recognize if a website is on word press or not.

  • First visit This Website.
  • Next, enter the domain name in place of ENTER YOUR DOMAIN NAME which you want to check.
  • Click on Click on To Find Out.
  • Done,you can now check and know if the website you are visiting is on WordPress or not.

Well,SOFTSYARD is not currently using WordPress but we are planning to move it to WordPress soon. If you're having any problem regarding wordpress contact me using Contact Us Section and I promise I'll provide you hosting services and many other stuffs on very cheap rate.

I hope you enjoyed this article and now you can easily identify if a website is using WordPress or not. Don't Forget to share this article and trick to your friends so that they can also know and recognize if a website is on WordPress or not. Hope you enjoyed a lot and keep blogging. Have a nice day !!!

check if a website is using wordpress or not

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