You might have heard about Freecharge app and come to know that you can do online recharges and other stuffs using freecharge app. What you need to do is to pay free charge through your ATM card and do online recharges . But can you always spend amount for your recharge. The answer is of course not. No one likes to spend money. So, Have you ever thought that you can get Rs. 110 recharge from free charge by just spending Rs. 10 recharge? If yes,then fine here on softsyard I am going to provide you recharge of Rs. 110 from Rs. 10 on free charge. Yes,of course you can do that easily, just you need is to follow some basic steps mentioned below and use the coupon and promo code for free charge which I am going to share.

get recharge of Rs. 110 on Rs. 10 recharge on freecharge

For every new and old users , Freecharge is offering Rs. 110 cashback for just spending Rs. 10 through debit or credit card. This offer is available only for India. So,utilize this offer and enjoy the recharge of Rs. 110 for just Rs. 10 on freecharge using this awesome freecharge trick. This trick works for any network operator throughout India.

Things You Need Before Getting Rs. 110 Cash-back for Rs. 10 recharge on Free Charge

There are few things you will need before getting cash back or recharge of Rs. 110 on Rs. 10 recharge on free charge. Check if you have got this stuffs before performing the trick or not.

  • Debit/Credit Card

You need a valid debit or credit card before performing this trick. So,just get one credit/debit card before performing this. You don't need to bother as you have to spend only Rs. 10 .

  • Free Charge App

You can easily download free charge app on your android phone or iOS . Go to free-charge website and download the app as you will need the app for this trick.

Steps To Get Rs. 110 Cashback / Recharge on Free Charge By Spending Rs. 10 Recharge

Well, now you have come to know the things you need to have before getting freecharge cash back of Rs. 110 on Rs. 10 recharge. Now,its time to learn on how to do this and get freecharge cashback. Simply follow the steps mentioned below and that's it...

  • Create A New Free Charge Account,verify it and log in to Free Charge App.
  • Next,Enter your mobile number, choose Your network operator and amount of Rs. 10
  • Now,Click on Recharge Button.
  • On next screen,Click on Skip Coupons option.
  • After that you will be seeing payment page. Just Enter Your details and way you are going to pay.
  • Tick mark on the Box " I have FREEFUND / PROMO CODE " and then enter this code RNB4W9N
  • Pay the amount and you'll now have Rs. 50 on free-charge credits.
  • Exit the app and open it again. Follow same procedure,this time put amount of Rs. 50 and at last click on pay using FreeCharge Credits option.
  • Again, Tick mark on the Box " I have FREEFUND / PROMO CODE " and then enter this code GETFC50
  • That's it. You'll now receive Rs. 50 FreeCharge Credit again .Just use that for next recharge.

Now,you've got total profit of Rs. 110 using Rs. 10 recharge on Freecharge. So,you might be happy now. Enjoy freecharge cashback/recharge of Rs. 110 on Rs. 10 recharge. Please do fast and use this offer before it gets expired. Also,don't forget to share it among your friends and relatives so they can enjoy the free recharge using freecharge.

Final Words

This trick is tested by one of my friend from India and he told me that this trick is working for him. That's why I'm sharing it on the page. I hope this will work for you and you'll now have recharge of Rs. 110 on Rs. 10 recharge on free-charge. Please let me know whether this trick is working for you or not. Thanks and Have a Nice Talk with your friends using this free recharge from free charge.