Facebook Groups: A Type of Traffic Booster?

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

Facebook is the most popular site in the world. Even, It is in 2nd place on Internet by Alexa. Facebook Provide some ways to promote our sites/blog for free and also paid. In free, We can create Facebook Fan Pages and Invite our Friends to like your page. The second way (paid) is Advertising which Every Person can't effort.

Facebook Group is place where we can collect unlimited friends and have a talk. But Today, Facebook Groups are used for advertising, adding friends, and force and invite more users to like your Facebook Fan Page. I have seen some very large Facebook Group that have over 3 million members! These groups are mainly used to increase friends, advertising. Using these groups, you can increase your Facebook Fan Page and Traffic and Use Facebook Groups as Traffic Booster.

To Use Facebook Groups as a Traffic Booster: 

To use Facebook groups as a Traffic Booster, You need a large Facebook Group which have over 1-3 million members. You can easily find that type of group by just search for Best Liker Adding Group and It will give you top largest group. You just need to send a request to join that group. Once, Group's admin will confirm your request to join the group you will have to start doing the job!
Once You will get confirmed by the group's admin. Just start posting your blog's URL with interesting posts. With these types of group, Facebook related posts like 'How to get Unlimited Likes on Facebook' will get maximum and very large number of views. Because, People mainly join these types of group to increase their likes and or increase their friends. When they see that type of post, they will immediately open that URL.

How to Get Maximum Pageviews on Any Post?

Maximum Pageviews. You will get Maximum Pageviews on any post you share when most of members of group are online. So, You will get maximum views or not, is depend on time. You have to choose right time to get maximum views on your post. Now, You are thinking that how will I get to know which is the time of the day when maximum member of groups are online? Here's the answer.

Time When Maximum Number of Members are Online: 10 P.M.
Time When Minimum Number of Members are Online: 12 P.M.

When you are posting your blog links on Facebook Groups them keep in mind to post this link on 10 P.M. everyday. This is the time when all peoples including Service Men, Business Men, Boys, Girls are free and surfing internet. Also, Don't forget to tag some peoples on that post to get much more views. :)

Facebook traffic booster for posts

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