Candy Crush v1.56.03 unlimited lives and moves hacked apk

Hello everyone previously I've provided you all Candy Crush v1.35 and Candy Crush v1.43.1 full version mod/hacked apk but recently Candy Crush team has released new version i.e Candy Crush v1.56.03.And you might be searching for full version hacked apk of candy crush v1.56.03 with unlimited lives,moves and mods for free.So,today I'll be providing you hacked/mod apk version of Candy Crush v1.56.03.

Candy Crush v1.56.03 Hacked/Mod apk

Candy Crush Saga is a match three puzzle game developed by King Team and is available for iOS,android and facebook. Candy Crush Saga has crossed millions of downloads so it is popular among users and many are searching for candy crush full version.Candy Crush v1.56.03 is the latest version with more levels and updated features but in free version,there are many limitations like fixed lives,fixed moves and in some levels fixed time so you might get irritate. That's why we are providing you candy crush v1.56.03 hacked/mod apk with unlimited lives and moves for free download.

Features Of Candy Crush v1.56.03 Hacked Apk

Candy Crush v1.56.03 New Features

  • More Levels.
  • Better Graphics of Candy.
  • Adventurous Levels and unlock treats.
  • Leaderboard to look your friends progress.
  • Easily Sync among many devices.
  • Unwrap delicious environment and meet sweetest characters.
  • Easy and Fun to Play.

Candy Crush v1.56.03 Hacked/mod apk features

Candy Crush v1.56.03 Mod v1

  • Normal moves.
  • Unlimited lives.
  • Dreamworld Unlocked.
  • Owl never dies.
  • Brush Booster Available.
  • Moonstruck available till end of level.

Candy Crush v1.56.03 Mod v2

  • Bomb Delayed to 80 secs.
  • 100 plus moves.
  • Unlimited lives.
  • Unlimited moves.
  • Dreamworld unlocked.
  • Owl Never Dies.
  • For all levels,time counter changed to 5 minutes.
  • Brush Booster Available.
  • Moonstruck till the end of level

How to Connect Candy Crush v1.56.03 to facebook?

Its easy to connect this hacked apk of candy crush v1.56.03 to your facebook account. All you need to do is uninstall facebook app if installed and sign in from game. Sync it and once synchronized is done reinstall the facebook app and enjoy !!!

How to install Candy Crush v1.56.03 hacked apk?

Well,first uninstall any previous version of candy crush saga and install this apk directly into your android and enjoy the hacked apk of candy crush saga v1.56.03 free download.

                           Download Candy Crush v1.56.03 mod apk from Below links

                                               Mod v1  |||||  Mod v2

Final words,
That's all on candy crush v1.56.03 hacked apk and I hope you enjoyed this article. Kindly don't forget to leave your comments and share your problems regarding this candy crush v1.56.03 hacked apk with unlimited lives and moves for free download.

Candy Crush v1.56.03 unlimited lives,booster and moves hacked/mod apk free downloads

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  1. i cant sign in to facebook what should do ???

    1. Bro..Already steps are mentioned above ..please check it once and let me know.. Thanks !!!

  2. hey bro will i get unlimited moves, unlimited boosters and all levels unlocked in mod v2????


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