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Hello guys,Today I'm gonna publish my new hacking ebook named Hacking Is In My Blood Part I. I've got a good message for you guys as I've completed the Ebook that will help you guys to learn about Hacking a lot.  Actually,I've focused on Network hacking, Website Hacking, Concept of Ethical Hacking, Trojans and Malware, Windows Hacking and many mores on my Ebook " Hacking Is In My Blood Part I "

So,what topics are there on this ebook that will guide in the world of Hacking and Security?You might be curious to know this so I'll show you the complete Table of Contents of this ebook. One more thing Behind every hacking tricks,I've also tried to provide security tips so that you might not get hacked by the same process you taught from our Ebook.So,lets not waste your precious time and check the table of Contents.
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Table of Contents 

Below are the list of topics I've covered in my hacking ebook. Check them and if you want me to discuss on any other topic then kindly mail me using contact us tab.

1. Concept of Ethical Hacking  
(1.1)  What Is Hacking?
(1.2)  Types of hacker
(1.3)  Why hackers hack?
(1.4)  Preventions from hacker
(1.5)  Steps Performed by hackers
(1.6)  Working of an Ethical Hacker                                                                                                    
2. How to start Hacking?   
(2.1)  How can I become a Professional Hacker?
(2.2)  Hackers Dictionary
(2.3)  Some Tools You need to Have While Hacking
3. Programming                                    
(3.1)  Concept of Programming                                                                                                 
(3.2)  Where Should I start?
(3.3)  Best Ways to learn Programming                                                                                                                                                  
4. Facebook Tricks & Hacks       
(4.1)  Concept of Facebook Hacking
(4.2)  Complete Introduction to Phishing
(4.3)  Desktop Phishing

5. Mobile Hacking-SMS & Call Forging
(5.1)  What Does It Involve
(5.2)  Call Spoofing / Forging
(5.3)  Blue-snarfing

6. Linux Hacking      
(6.1)   Why Linux?
(6.2)   Choosing a distribution
(6.3)   Learning Linux
(6.4)   Scanning Networks
(6.5)   Password cracking in Linux
(6.6)   Hacking tool Nmap
(6.7)   Linux Tools: Security Testing tools
(6.8)   Linux Security Countermeasures
7. Wireless Hacking 
(7.1)  MAC address filtering
(7.2)  WEP key encryption
(7.3)  Cracking WEP
(7.4)  Packet Sniffing
(7.5)  MAC spoofing
(7.6)  Countermeasures

8. Network Hacking    
(8.1)  Foot printing
(8.2)  Port Scanning
(8.3)  Banner Grabbing
(8.4)  Searching for Vulnerabilities
(8.5)  Countermeasures

9. Website Hacking & Security     
(9.1)  Web Ripping
(9.2)  Cross Site Scripting
(9.3)  Remote File Inclusion
(9.4)  Local File Inclusion

10. Trojans & Malwares    
(10.1)  Knowing the Trojan
(10.2)  Different Types of Trojans
(10.3)  Components of Trojans
(10.4)  Detection and Removal of Trojans
(10.5)  Knowing the Malware
(10.6)  Malware Attack using ProRat

11. Windows Hacking and Security 
(11.1)  Brute Force Attack
(11.2)  Rainbow table attack
(11.3)  NetBIOS
(11.4)  Cracking Windows Passwords
(11.5)  Countermeasures

12. Ending this Ebook     
(12.1)  Conclusions
(12.2)  Some words by Mr. InVictus

Hope you Will enjoy the topic of this Ebook.So,how to download this Ebook? Ok,I've spend a lot of time writing this Ebook and here I'm providing it for completely free of costs but you please do a small help.Just Follow our blog and Share this article on Google Plus,Twitter and Facebook. This would be a great help to us and we'll always be encouraged to make more new Ebooks for you.Hope you'll rate the contents and kindly share your thoughts from below comments.....

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Turbo C++ is one of the oldest programming language compiler . The last version of Turbo C++ 3.0 was released back in 1995 and it was never updated in the sense, the team took a long time to update the compiler too. Even though Turbo C++ 3.0 worked well till Windows XP, the newer version of the operating system seems to be incompatible with this DOS age program and was unable to work in full screen and sometimes stops working. To fix this, new versions of Turbo C++ was designed and named it as Turbo C++ 4.5 For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 . It seems to work perfectly till now.

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Temple Run 2 Frozen Shadow v1.19.1 is the latest version and it has got complete new organic environment with cold wind blowing . The monkey has got bigger,so is your powerup level. You can achieve special powers for each character. More obstacles are coming up with every level and you've to play it to enjoy the new levels and funs with temple run 2 frozen shadow hacked apk.

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