April 2017

Hello everyone, today I'm back after a long time with an interesting topic : How to Buy SSL Certificates at very cheap rate. I've done some research over internet and come up with this interesting SSL Certificate Provider, Cheap SSL Shop. Before that,let me introduce you about SSL Certificate. Let's get started.

Buy SSL Certificate At Cheap Rate - CHEAP SSL SHOP REVIEW

SSL Stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL Certificates are small data files, when installed on a web server grants secure connections from a web server to a browser by activating the HTTPS protocol and the padlock. Basically SSL Certificates keeps data secure between servers, increases Google Rankings, builds/Enhances customer trust and improves conversion rates.

An organization has to install the SSL Certificate onto its web server to provide a secure session with browsers. Once a secure connection is established, all web traffic between the web server and the web browser will be secure.

A website with SSL Certificate looks something like this ->|
SSL Certificate Websites
I'm sure you got some knowledge on SSL Certificates. After knowing why SSL Certificates are required, you might be wondering from where to buy it. Here's the deal : I'll provide you the most cheapest and trusted SSL Certificates Reseller :Cheap SSL Shop

Introduction To Cheap SSL Shop

Cheap SSL Shop is a reputed and authorized SSL reseller of most trusted and famous SSL Certificate Authorities : Comodo, Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, GlobalSign and RapidSSL. They sell certificates at very high discount price and there is no compromise with an SSL Certificate security level . So you will be getting same security level Of SSL Certificate as you direct buy from Comodo, Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, GlobalSign and RapidSSL but at cheap rate from Cheap SSL Shop. Isn't it really cool ?

Some of the popular SSL Certificates offered by them are :

1] Domain Validation SSL

If you are starting up businesses and purchased single Domain, then It's always wise to choose Domain Validation SSL Certificates from Cheap SSL Shop in order to get best online security at affordable price. Domain Validation (DV) Certificates issued by Certificate Authority immediately once automated validation process of the domain name is done. You can get domain validated Comodo Positive SSL Certificate at just $4.95/yr from Cheap SSL Shop.

2] Organization Validation SSL

Once Domain ownership and business verification is done by validating documents, then Organization Validation (OV) certificates can be issued. These Certificates are basically one step ahead of Domain Validation SSL Certificates.

3] Wildcards SSL Certificates

Sometimes we may have a domain and multiple sub domains under that domain. In that case, Cheap SSL Shop offers Wildcard SSL certificates at lowest price, wherein you can secure multiple unlimited sub domains with a single security certificate. It's price starts from $51.33/yr.

4] Multi-Domain (UCC/ SAN) SSL certificates

In SAN SSL certificates, we can secure multiple sub domains along with multiple domains with single security certificate, isn't it awesome ? Similarly, UCC SSL certificates creates strong encryption between the server and email client. It's price starts from $30/yr.
5] Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate is issued only, when CA ensure that applicant has the right specific domain and conducts strict validation of organization followed according to CA/browser forum EV SSL guidelines. When we visit some popular websites, we see address bar or padlock icon in green color along with company name. Have you ever wondered what it is exactly ? Well, it assures customers and visitors that data sniffing is prevented from hackers. And EV SSL Certificate turns address bar or padlock icon in green color. Get started with some cheapest EV SSL Certificates by Cheap SSL Shop to prevent from online attacks and phishing attacks.

Why to buy SSL Certificates from Cheap SSL Shop ?

  • Lowest price SSL
Cheap SSL Shop is a reputed and authorized SSL reseller of most trusted and famous SSL Certificate Authorities and they are committed to offer SSL certificates at cheapest price. I can claim that the products provided by the company are cheapest among all SSL resellers. You can start purchasing basic SSL certificates from $4.95/year. Isn't $4.95/year very cheap? 
  • Free SSL Certificate – 30 Days Trial
Yes,you heard it correct. You can will get domain validated RapidSSL and GeoTrust SSL Certificate for 30 days free trail. After 30 days, you will notified about upgrade of SSL certificate to extend validity. In this trial time, you can check if the product you bought is suited to requirements and you can aware about online security environment.
  • Full refund within 30 days if not satisfied with SSL
30 days Refund policy applicable on any SSL certificates, which you have purchased, If SSL certificate doesn't work as intended, then you need to notify within 30 days and Cheap SSL Shop will cancel or refund total amount. This makes Cheap SSL Certificate trust worthy and customer needs' oriented.

But I'm sure such situation will never come as the Company are known for their services at very cheap rates.
  • Customer 24*7 support
CHEAP SSL SHOP primarily emphasize on customer satisfaction and trust, that's the main reason why they have skilled, experienced and hard working support team, that works 24*7 for customers to beat any type of query related to sales, installation or others.
  • Good Ratings and Review
I don't think its wise to rate the company by myself, check what customers' think about the company and I'm damn sure you'll be shocked to know that the company has rating of 4.7/5 ,yes damn 4.7 fingers out of five fingers, is that possible even ? !! Check here for more details. 

How to buy SSL Certificates from Cheap SSL Shop ?

  • Visit here To find SSL certificates and it's offered price by the company.
  • Click On Purchase option for the product you want to buy.
  • Fill on provided options you want from Configurable Options and click on Continue.
  • Login with proper credentials. If you haven't registered yet, register an account. Its easy like Alphabets.
  • Click on Check out option and done !! Isn't it easy ?

Final Words,

In this expanding world, nothing is safe. In a time, you can lose all data so,security is a must in terms of websites and blogs. SSL Certificates helps to create a secure connection between website and its users so as to prevent from frauds .
Having an overall rating of 4.7/5, Cheap SSL Certificate is one of the most trusted and highly rated SSL Certificate provider at cheap rate. So,I suggest all my friends to try the service provided by them. Kindly let me know how you felt about the CheapSSLShop.

You think using a PS4 is all fun and games? Mostly, it is. But when your device vows not to work, it can be frustrating. You don’t want to miss a weeklong gaming marathon with friends because your console won’t play. Nor do you want to wait for the repairman or service executive from the company to show up, especially if you have a busy social life. Luckily, you can take care of a lot of stuff on PS4,
How to Troubleshoot your PS4: Ultimate Guide
as amazing it is, be it because of its graphics or animation or quality of games, is like any other gaming console. It can overheat, it stores cached data and can experience power problems. And these can be solved as well as prevented from happening through some simple methods. For more persistent or more technical errors, you might refer here or just call a guy.

A complete walkthrough to Troubleshoot PS4 consoles:

Dealing with Overheating:

A lot of people keep their consoles of or around dense or fluffy fabric. This can lead to an improper exit of heat due to the insulating effect. As a result, machines, especially gaming consoles, can slow down, interrupt or even get corrupted, if not catch fire! If your PS4 is taking time to process commands or lagging, and you find the console overheated, it is cause of worry. To cure this problem, the first thing you need to do is switch off your console from the power socket. Preferably disconnect it from the electrical supply. Let the console cool down, and turn on fans and air coolings to help it. Once it is close to the normal temperature, check and remove any thick cloth, cushions or curtains that are blocking the heat. Overheating is relatively rare in PS4 consoles, but you should still avoid keeping the device in cabinets (wooden or metal) or elsewhere. Preferably, 5 out of the boxes 6 surfaces should be free from obstruction, and the top surface should not be covered by linen, plastic or curios.

Cache data

Like all software, PS4’s operating system caches data as well. This cache is essential to help games load faster and prevent interruptions in gameplay as much as possible. But problem often arises when this cache data takes up so much space that it prevents easy functioning, thus defeating its purpose. If your PS4 doesn’t load games as quickly as it used to, it can signal at an excess of cache data. To clear it, you can long press the PS button on your console. When the menu pops up, choose to Turn off the PS4. The console powers off in about 10 to 20 seconds, but you can wait upto a minute to be on the safe side, before turning it back on. It’s much easier than clearing the cache on PS3.

Power fluctuations

Power fluctuations can often cause the PS4 or your other devices like the TV to power off and back of over and over. These fluctuations can be found in almost every corner of the world, but they can seriously damage your devices if left to their whims. Guide for Troubleshooting my PS4

It is on paramount importance that you desist from playing the devices any further. Go to the mart and get a compatible power stabiliser or similar device that stems the fluctuations. If pressing at the socket doesn’t help, you need to pay attention to the voltage you’re receiving through the power line and contact your power company if essential.

In-Game errors

How to Troubleshoot my PS4

In-game errors are often due to network issues, like failing to connect to a server, or due to issues like payment related incongruities, internet speed or PSN account issues. Occasionally, your software or games might require updates which prevent your game from working. To briefly encapsulate, CE or Common Error codes refer to network problems. SU means your Software requires update.NW again points to a different class of network problems and so on. It may also lead to Destiny error code Marionberry or similar errors which are caused due to networking issues. Similar problems often have similar cures. You can search for PS4 error codes online and figure out easy ways to fix them. I hope this helps you sort your problems on the PS4 console and resume playing your favorite games.

Author Bio: Jessica is an engineering graduate who found her passion in blogging and now does it full time. She loves tech talks and thus shares her passion for writing by blogging. Apart from this, she loves reading books and travelling the world!

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