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Hello Readers and advertisers,We're now providing advertisement facilities on our blog. Yeah,you can advertise your brands, links, pages and products on our site. Let's Start Step by Step. First We'll introduce SoftsYard and secondly we'll tell methods of advertisement and placements of your ads.

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Welcome to SoftsYard- Introduction

SoftsYard is an information resource site for Computer Geeks and Bloggers. Here we feature Tips and Tricks related to Social Media, Web Apps, Software, Hacking, Android Tips, Ebooks and programming.SoftsYard is only 3 Months old till now but we're getting a lot of organic visitors and page views.We currently don't have good Alexa ranking but we're improving it day by day. (80K ).

Its me, Invictus Haxor the Founder of SoftsYard. I'm writing whole articles,replying messages,creating contents,building links and working fully for softsyard. I'm 18 years oldand I'm fully addicted to Blogging and Hacking. You can learn more about me and my site on About Us Section.

Traffic Stats

Before Advertising, every Advertisers want to know traffic stats and followers of the blogger so we're providing you some traffic Stats of SoftsYard.

Note : This Traffic Stats is Updated Every 3 months.For Traffic You can check images as proof.

1]Alexa Ranking : As our Blog is new so we currently don't have good alexa ranking. (80K)

2]Domain Authority : 16

3] Page Authority : 29

4]Daily Page-views : 25K+  (  Main Source : Google )

5]Monthly Page-views : 600,000 + 
6] Monthly Visit : 320,000 +

7]Email Subscribers :4,400 +

8]Facebook Fans : 58,000 +

9]Twitter Fans : 155 +

10] You Tube Fans : 620 +

11] Google + Fans :  370 +

All traffics are mainly from Google and some from social medias.If you want any proof then ask us while submitting an order.

Advertising Options

Direct Banner Ads

As you know Banner Advertising is increasing day by day as advertisers are getting quality traffics from banner ads. So,we are also accepting banner ads in SoftsYard. You just need to apply for available space for banner ads and we'll advertise your products and banners. You need to give us your product banner and we put them at the available space for a month and also charge for it as well.Below are some available banner ads on Softsyard.

Top Header : 728*90 ( Displayed Every Where )   ( $60/month ) - Premium
Below Post Title : 300*250 ( Displayed On Every Posts )  ($50/month ) - Premium
SideBar :  350*250 ( Displayed Every Where )  ($40/month ) - Premium
End of Post : 468*60 ( Displayed on Every Posts )  ($35/month )
Footer : 350*250  ( Displayed Every Where )  ($25/month )

Please note : If you're interested on Long Time Advertisement,we can make deal in less price...

Sponsored Posts

Yes,we are also accepting Sponsored Posts.The sponsors should write detail article with proper keyword and images about their products and Send Us Details Using below Form. We'll review that article and we'll publish it on our blog.

Note: Price For Sponsor Posts will also be discussed as per the product that we can tell after reviewing the product and we accept sponsor Posts according to our blog niche and posts.

Content Writing

If you want me to write unique content for your blog,I can write long and high quality contents in very cheap rate. 

500 Words Article - $12/article
700 Words Article - $15/article
1000 Words Article - $18/article

Also you can request me for more long words article..

Payment Process

After Receiving your banners or sponsored post,we can easily publish that in a minute but the main problem is payment process. Currently We're only accepting Paypal Card for payment. So,we'll tell you our paypal id in the discussion section of the products and banners.

Submit Your Order

So,what are you waiting For Submit your order using Below Form :)

 Have Fun and Enjoy our Premium Services :)

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