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write guest post for softsyardI've a great news for all Softs Yard readers. We just started accepting guest posts at Softs Yard. Simply, In this post, I will tell you about and rules and conditions, what will you get in the back, which topics are allowed for the guest post and how to submit your guest post to us and this post will be used as a write for us page. So friends I think the intro is enough and let's begin the discussion.

Why You Should Write For Us ? - Benefits You Will Get

Below I've described some major reasons that why you should contribute with us or what kind of benefit you will get.

  • Author Bio With Social Links : In the last of the guest post, we will implement the guest author bio with social links and also a dofollow link. By this, readers will know about you and if they liked your content then they will surely land on your blog.                                                
  • You Will Help Softs Yard's Readers : Helping others is always a great thing. You can easily help our readers with your guest post or the article you will submit to us.                                    
  • Get Quality Backlink and Traffic : This is the best thing that you will get the quality dofollow backlink in your author bio that will help you in improving external backlinks, Page Rank and in many other things. We've a decent amount of traffic here so you will surely get traffic from us.                                                                                                 

Why should you do Guest Posting

Which Topics Are Allowed For Guest Post?

Many newbies in the guest blogging submits the irrelevant post to the blogs and in case that post is not published. It is important to check that what topics are allowed in guest posts and below I've listed all those topics which we accept for the guest post.

  • Computer Guides.     
  • Security Tips     
  • Blogging Tips.     
  • Search Engine Optimization Tricks     
  • Guides on How to do.     
  • Top ..(10 or 5 ) (Games or Antivirus or.. ) for Android and PC     
  • Android Tricks     
  • Tips and Tricks related to Programming, Windows, Linux, Mobile phones and many other....

Rules and Guidelines For Writing a Guest Post

For the security and legal purpose, we've some little rules for guest authors which every one needs to accept and follow. Simply, I've written down below.

  • Unique Content / Not Copied : This is most important thing that your post or article must be unique and not copied from anywhere else. No matter, if you spin those articles. We've some special tools to check that a content is copied or unique.                                                             
  • Article Must Be Well Written and SEO Friendly : This is the other thing on which we most focus that the article must be well written. It doesn't have grammatical mistakes. Your article must be SEO friendly in which it may not have a lot of Keyword Density or Keyword Stuffing.                                                                                                                                                          
  • It Must Have Minimum 500 Words : The content length is also important. I recommend to write at least 500 word article otherwise it will not be accepted.                                                   
  • Featured Image : You also have to send the featured or main image of the post along with the article. You can get it through Google Images or create a new one.                                               
  • Affiliate Links and Unrelated Links are not allowed in the article.

Required Info Of Author

It is also important that you will need to give the required information about the guest author so that we may give the proper credit to him/her. Here is what we're talking about.

  • Well Written Author Bio With 250 Characters.     
  • Author's Image/ Photo     
  • Social Links [Optional]     
  • Author's Blog link. [ Link must be included in the author bio ]

How To Submit The Guest Post?

So friends, these were some little rules which you will need to follow in order to be the guest author here. No matter who you're everyone can be the guest author here. Just follow the simple rules. In the last, here is the method that how can you submit the guest post to us.

  • The first thing that you've to write your post in MS word file along with the featured image and author's info.     
  • Collect all these files in a folder and compress that folder with WinRAR.     
  • Compose an email, attach that file and send it to alexyhacker@gmail.com

When The Post Will Be Published?

We publish one post regularly so if accept your post then will inform you that we've accepted your guest post and it will be published on the next day. I would take about 48 hours to reply you back to your application. If your post is rejected then it must be having some faults so try to improve it and re-submit it again.

Guys, I'm anxiously waiting for your guest posts. I hope you will surely contribute with us. Take Care!!!!

guest posting on softsyard

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