There is no doubt that most children can be very cheeky. They just cannot afford to stay in one location for a longer period. Instead, they will opt to wander off especially when an adult goes off their sight. Usually, they do so in order to quench their ever-increasing curiosity. As a parent losing track of your child, ought to give you some goosebumps. You just never know what might befall your child. Fortunately, the advancement in technology has brought some sigh of relief to parents. It has contributed to the rise of phone tracking apps for parents. These apps not only track children but also what they might be taking part in.

These apps not only track children but also what they might be taking part in.

Top Popular Programs for Parents

Here are some of the best phone tracker app for parents:

FBI Child ID

This app was developed by the FBI department. It allows parents to store photos and other identification components of their children. This information will be stored on the parent’s phone. In case the child goes missing, the parent can share this information with the relevant authority. This app contains checklists, emergency numbers to call and safety tips.

Family Tracker

Not only does it track your children but also the entire family’s whereabouts. It will keep track of the person you are interested in, once he/she accepts a tracking request. This app relies on an included messaging system in messaging your family members. Once they read your messages you will receive a notification informing you that it has been read. It also helps in getting the attention of your children.

Food Additives 2: Free

This is a reliable app in case your child has an allergy to certain foods. It will help you in identifying nasty additives. On identifying these unhealthy additives, you can avoid them to ensure your child is free from any allergies. It does help a big deal. You can store the identified foods on your phone. This ensures easier access when you are offline.

Find My Kids—Footprints

This is one of the top programs when it comes to tracking your child. The app relies on GPS to automatically locate places your child decides to move to. In case your child is traveling alone, you can use this app if indeed he/she arrived safe and sound. To enjoy tracking your child using this app, you will have to subscribe to a tracking feature.

iEmergency ICE Family Pro

The is best app in dealing with emergencies that are bound to affect your kid. You can store vital health data in this app. The health data stored here include medical conditions, prescriptions, and allergies. Furthermore, you can enter information about every family members’ doctor and hospital. Storing data in such a manner ensures easier access. In case your family member falls sick, it is easier to take him or her to the required hospital. This is something parents need to be aware of. It ensures efficient treatment is guaranteed to their children.


As a parent, ensuring your home is secure is something you need to put into consideration. You have to ensure your property is safe and also your family members. To aid you in fulfilling this function is an Alarm.com app. This is a reliable security app comes with a full mobile tracking system. It allows parents to get alerts on all happenings taking part in the house. You can easily tell what your kid did in the house once you arrive home. No doubt, this app does a lot in preventing the occurrence of various unwarranted dangers.

Comparison of Installing application for parents

Installation of these programs can be engaged in as a DIY process. You will be required to download the application of your choice from its relevant website. Once the application has been downloaded, you can have it installed on your phone. Applications like Find My Kids will automatically be installed. However, the applications come with a subscription fee. You will be required to pay this subscription fee before you begin enjoying the available services.

Comparison of the functional Programs


Apart from tracking the location of children, some of these apps have advanced functionality. Some of them may aid in enhancing security around your home. For instance, an app like Alarm.com will alert you on various activities going on in your house. Any intruder coming in will be easily identified. An app like family tracker not only keeps tabs with your child but also your family members. In so doing you can easily tell the whereabouts of every family member. It is so important for accountability and knowing how they are faring on.

FBI Child ID is an app designed to easily determine the location of a lost child. Created by the FBI, you can be sure of the increased functionality it comes with. Trusting this app is indeed something you should do all the time.

What can be learned from using phone tracker apps

Phone tracker apps have a lot to tell about in your child. Some of the things you will easily learn include the following:

  1. Food additives that cause allergies in your kid
  2. The location of your kid, and ways to follow in order to access his or her
  3. You can tell if your kid arrived safely to the intended destination
  4. Learn of your kid’s safety when left alone at home
  5. Friends your kid might be associating with


  1. Enhances security of your home and family members
  2. Very accurate in giving information
  3. Quick to identify the location of your kid or family member you may be tracking
  4. Allows storage of unlimited important data to be used in locating your child
  5. You can store your data offline to access it later


  1. Quite expensive subscription charges of some of the apps
  2. Might intervene a family member’s privacy which is not cool
  3. Becomes non-essential when your phone spoils
  4. Some needs a secure and strong internet connection


Phone tracker apps for parents have really helped in keeping a safe and healthy family. These apps can easily tell the whereabouts of any family member with a lot of ease. Furthermore, some of the applications help in finding healthy food for consumption. As parents, signing up for these applications should be mandatory.

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