The use of phone trackers has surged in recent years, thanks to the proliferation of geolocation technology. However, many still haven't heard of the phone tracking techniques or learned how they are used. In this article, we will provide an in-depth guide and brief reviews of the best spy programs, their varied functionalities, how they are used and the alternatives to phone tracking.

Table of contents

      1. Phone tracker: what is it?
      2. Who uses a phone tracker
      3. Where to use a phone tracker
      4. How does it work
      5. The functionality of phone tracking programs
      6. Most popular programs
      7. What are the alternatives
      8. How these programs are used
      9. Spheres of phone tracking applications
      10. Conclusions on the use of the spy software
    Phone tracking programs can locate cellular phones, regardless of its brand.

    A phone tracker is a new tool used today in monitoring and spying individuals through their phones. To begin, you need to know that the tracking technology works based on the global positioning system (GPS). It allows users to find the position of a person, object, and vehicle with great precision and accuracy.
    Phone tracking programs can locate cellular phones, regardless of its brand. These tracking applications can be used from any smart phone. With this possibility, the tracking technology has been adopted by millions of users. Besides that it is easy to use, it works similar to what would be a GPS. During operation, it shows a map where all the routes and locations made by the tracked mobile equipment will be marked. The tracking can be monitored from other devices or from a computer. The phone tracking programs are so easy to use that a great knowledge about computer science or programming is not needed.

    It is almost impossible that the data collected by the cellular locator is alterable. All the data that the device obtains will remain in the original device until its owner or the team decides to clear the history. With these options, it is practically impossible for users who didn't initiate the tracking process to trash these data.

    Regardless of whether the data in the internal memory of the cell phone is deleted or totally formatted, the tracked data are always stored in the device, indelible! In addition to operating a phone tracker as a cell phone GPS, this allows other functions. Some of these functions range from being able to monitor the calls that are made of it; which contacts are made and which calls the user of the phone in question received.

    Why do you have to track a cell phone

    The benefits of phone tracking tend to vary depending on the user requesting this type of service. Everyone has their own reasons to have knowledge of the exact location of the tracked phone.

    • Some of the various reasons a phone tracker could be used are:
      • To avoid carelessly losing your phone.
      • To locate your smartphone when a robbery is made.
      • The need to have knowledge of the places it goes through.

    Who uses a phone tracker


    As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons that could lead you to need to track a phone or other mobile devices. The technology has served as an attraction to many companies in various markets. Companies can use it since it allows one to have control of real estate and avoid the improper use of it. It also ensures business owners and administrators make better supervision of their employees. The technology guarantes that the people to whom the service is provided for do not lose useful working time. It is also great for those people who want to be aware of the calls made by their employees.

    It is beneficial for parents who need to have contact with the location of family members such as their children. It allows them to know if the kids are in a safe place; if they are still in the place where they are supposed to be or if they are moving to unknown places without their consent.

    Where to use a phone tracker

    There are a number of places and situations where you can run the phone tracking programs.

    • This useful technology can be used in the following instances:
      • 1. At work places: This could be to track your kids at home or monitor your employees while they are on the go.
      • 2. On social networks: There are programs which can be run to spy on a person's activity on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
      • 3. Anywhere around the globe: Like we've mentioned severally in this article, in the case of theft, the phone tracker program can be deployed in the recovery process, regardless of the location the phone being tracked could be.

    How does it work

    To understand how this technology works, we need to go down history lane and revisit how the technology was birthed and know some of its most useful features.

    Evolution of the device tracker

    This system was invented by the scientist Roger Easton for the United States Army in the 1970s. Easton was in charge of designing the Roseta stone of the GPS in a project called Vanguard. This project was commissioned by President Dwight Eisenhower. The inventor had the objective of launching the first satellite into orbit, becoming the main technology that found and followed objects around the Earth.

    A short time later, the engineer and physicist Ivan Getting and Bradford Parkinson created a satellite network. This allowed the tracking of moving objects such as cars and missiles, through a connection of stations and antennas on land with army satellites of the United States. In the year 1994, the use of GPS switched from the military to civilian.

    Characteristics of the device tracker


    The so-called ephemeris is those that determine the position of a person or object with a GPS locator. Each satellite emits its own including its status, its place in space, the Doppler information and its atomic time.

    • Here we will show you exactly how the phone trackers work:
      • The satellites indicate that the GPS receiver is at some point on the surface of the planet. Being in the center, the radius will be the total distance to the locator.
      • With the information collected from the two satellites, a circumference is determined that is obtained when the two spheres intersect at the point where the GPS receiver is located.
      • A fourth satellite sends information that solves the problem of the lack of synchronization between the clocks of the GPS receivers and those of the satellite. This is when you determine the exact position with the triangulation (latitude, longitude, and altitude).

    Operation of a GPS locator

    There is a network of 24 satellites in orbit on our planet at a distance of 20,200 kilometers (km) that synchronize trajectories and cover the entire surface of the Earth. To know exactly the one position, the receiver is automatically located by three satellites that receive signals with the identification and the clock time of each one.

    Thanks to this data, the GPS clock is synchronized and it makes a calculation with the time it takes for these signals to reach the equipment. In this way, the distance of each satellite is calculated. This process is called triangulation. After obtaining this information, you can easily determine the position of what you are looking for or tracking.

    In addition, the coordinates or position of each of them is recorded by the signal they are emitting. By this, the exact position of the measurement point is achieved. You also get the extreme precision of the GPS watch, which is similar to the atomic ones on board the satellites.

    How to locate a person with GPS


    If we want to locate any person, we must have access to his vehicle, mobile phone or any personal object to know their position at any time. With the portable GPS locator, you can do this. This is possible since the locator will send the information of the location in which it is and the coordinates, receiving them in your mobile phone. It is similar to a car but it is smaller and goes unnoticed.

    These wireless telecommunications devices, known as pagers, are very useful for children, people suffering from severe disabilities or Alzheimer's or a child. They help them to be able to be located quickly in case they are lost or suffer an acciden

    There are alphanumeric pagers that can send and receive text messages. In addition, you can have this technology on your mobile. They are able to record electronic information, such as the voice message system, and then save it to listen to later. The information it stores is receivable when you turn it on or when you return to the area of your service provider.

    Another option of locators is mini trackers, which work in a similar way to that used by cars. It can be carried in the bag or as a keychain and have a slot to put the sim card of the cell phone and allow you to call the device.

    This will send the coordinates of the GPS and the position it occupies. The receiver can see the position in Google Maps from the mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

    The functionality of phone tracking programs


    The following functions are some of the main reasons why this app is the best when it comes to tracking a mobile phone:

    1. GPS tracking: Find out where the phone is and the user through the program's abilities to locate the GPS position. You can spy on the location in real time and also have data on location history. It is the most formidable function to track a mobile device.
    2. Text messages: Do you know what your son or daughter has been writing? Many phone tracker programs will give you all the information you need to monitor the messages received and sent. You can see them even if the history is deleted.
    3. Multimedia files: You will get access to videos and photos made in the phone's camera, as well as those saved in the gallery. It is ideal for parents who want to monitor what their children send.
    4. Call reports: Once any of these softwares (which we will mention further down) is installed on a mobile phone, you will have access to the call history record. You can see who you are calling and who receives calls. It also gives you information such as the contact, phone number, number of calls, etc. These apps also allow you to block numbers.
    5. See instant messages: Find out what messages are being exchanged on linked social networks. You can see chats on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc.
    6. Monitoring of web browsing: You can perform an effective monitoring of web activity. You have access to data such as browsing history, bookmarks to see the most frequent pages and the option to block the pages you want.
    7. Emails: If you are an entrepreneur, having access to an employee's emails can help make sure that sensitive information is not being shared. This technology ensures that you are not wasting your time working on trivial matters. It is also helpful in knowing if your child is exchanging indecent emails.
    8. Access to contacts and calendar: Getting access to phone contacts and calendar entries allows you to track events and user encounters.

    Most popular programs

    In the market, there are a lot of options that end up being a waste of time, but it does not mean that all of them are. Now that you know the basics, we will recommend to you some of the most popular phone tracking programs.



    If you have been wondering how to spy on a cell phone, the mSpy tracker is the most effective tool used to monitor mobile devices. It's not only renowned for its great functions but because the user will have assistance available at any time.

    You could be a parent who wants to know what your child is doing, a spouse who wants to know the whereabouts of your partner or a business owner who wants to better supervise your employees. Whatever the reasons may be, if you've been thinking about how to track a mobile phone, mSpy offers you amazing options.

    It is the leading mobile tracking tool on the market. It is popular, thanks to its user-friendly interface and dedicated customer service throughout the day and any day of the week.

    The application is great for monitoring the use that children make of their mobile devices. It helps to prevent and track the mobile in the case of having been lost or stolen. You can monitor the use that employees make of the phone with this program too.

    Beyond a simple application, it is the world leader in tracking software. The company is dedicated to satisfying the user's need and to maintain high standards of security and surveillance.

    The software works by keeping track of the activity of the phone, including GPS location, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, web history, images, and photos. It allows the legal monitoring of Android/iOS operating systems, and Windows/Mac computers. It also has a specialized support via chat, e-mail or phone.



    As a free option, AndroidLost offers the ability to accurately track the device on the GPS. And not only that, it has a variety of different options.

    Some of its functionalities include: locking the phone, reading the most recent messages, activating a remote alarm, setting SMS commands, notifying when the SIM card has been changed, reviewing the history of recent calls, and entering other commands.

    In order to use the application you only need to:

    1. Download the app on your device through Google Play.
    2. Register the phone within the application.
    3. Log in to the website and enter with the Google account data. At this moment, you should get a message announcing that the device has been successfully anchored.
    4. Start remote-controlling the cell phone by entering the "Controls" menu.

    GPS Tracker Hidden

    This is an application available for Android devices. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and is very easy to use.

    The application runs in the background and does not correspond to a significant battery expense.

    Among the features offered are:

    1. Tracking the device in real time.
    2. Recover a phone if you have lost it.
    3. Increase the security of information.
    4. Keep watch over the children.
    5. Recording tracks.
    6. The possibility of control through commands from the web browser.

    Prey Anti-theft


    With this option, you can ncrease the security of your equipment and protect yourself against theft for free. There is no need to create multiple accounts since several devices can be connected to the same place. Among the functions to recover the cell phone is photos taken in silence, location, screenshots, history of nearby Wi-Fi networks, among others.

    Some of its amazing features are:

    1. Geolocation with precision in the signal.
    2. Photos and screenshot.
    3. Solid evidence to recover the lost device.
    4. Keep watch over the children.
    5. Data protection.
    6. Allows to block, delete and recover important information remotely.



    Spiezio has proven to be one of the most effective applications for tracking a cell phone at a low cost. There are many reasons why you should start using this application.

    For example:

    1. It is not necessary to use the Samsung, Google or iCloud account as in the previous cases.
    2. It allows you to track other phones besides yours.
    3. It is not necessary to root the phone. Therefore, it is a viable option to use in tracking children without their notice. It also serves to monitor employees under the prior agreement.
    4. The way it works is through GPS. It shows on the map the precise place where the cell phone is located and also a route of the places where it has been previously, or through which it has passed.

    Find My Friends - Available for iPhone

    This application is not exactly to track. However, with a little ingenuity, it can perfectly share the location and keep you aware of the location of your friends or family who wish to share the location with you.

    Steps in using this application are:

    1. Download the application and invite your family group and friends.
    2. Within it, activate the "share my location" option.
    3. Select the contacts with whom you want to constantly share your location, and select the time. You can click on "share indefinitely".
    4. The person you have selected will receive a message notifying you that you are sharing your location, and another message to share your own. In this way, both can be located on the map without having to open the application.

    This application is constantly used to track without the person knowing, in case you have access to the iPhone for a few minutes. To do this, simply hide the application in some folder.

    What are the alternative


    racking a phone isn't only possible with the phone tracking applications alone. For instance, Google has simplified the task of locating an Android device, offering the option to do so using Google Maps in the browser. You just have to log in with the account that is linked to the device you want to locate.

    Once inside, it will take a few seconds to show the exact or approximate location. In case the cell phone is off, it will show its last connection. Some data may be displayed, such as the battery percentage and the network to which the device is connected.

    In addition, 3 options will be shown as is always the case with phone tracking applications:

    1. Sound the device for 5 minutes, even if it is silent.
    2. Block the cell phone with a different code to prevent someone from entering, and add a personalized message on the screen if it has been lost to be communicated to a number.
    3. Delete the data permanently, in case of giving it up for a loss. In this way, you will protect personal information such as contacts, photos, messages, etc.
    4. The person you have selected will receive a message notifying you that you are sharing your location, and another message to share your own. In this way, both can be located on the map without having to open the application.

    Track your family and friends through social networks

    Beyond tracking a cell phone for theft or loss, there are applications that allow sharing the location with other users in the network. This is perfect to do in the family or with close friends. It could be said that it is a way of taking care of each other.


    Some of these social networks can be:

    1. Find My Friends
    2. Cozi
    3. Live360
    4. Glympse
    5. Google+

    It is necessary that all people sign up for the service and give their consent about sharing the location with the rest. How these programs are used

    There are many methods available to track a cell phone – whether by third party apps or in-built programs. Of course, it should always be under the consent of the person or for the discreet purpose of increasing the security of our device.

    For instance, in the case of loss or theft, these techniques will help us locate it by giving us an approximate location on the map. It offers us options such as blocking the cell phone, deleting the data or making it sound remote.

    Would you like to know how the phone tracking programs are used? You just need to keep reading.

    How to track a cell phone by GPS

    There are different ways of doing this. In this first section, we will cover the procedures for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Samsung devices.

    IOS Devices - Find My iPhone

    This operating system has a very useful tracking function. In case you have lost your iPhone, you can locate it by going to the official iCloud page.

    The requirements to do this is to have location tracking activated. It usually comes by default, but you should check the configuration of the device.

    Once on the page, enter your login information and access the "Find My Phone" section. This procedure can also be done from the iPhone or iPad of someone you know.

    Select the device you want to track. The map will show the last place where it was last connected.

    Click on the point and select from the three available options:

    1. Make a sound in case you are near.
    2. Completely block the phone, showing on the screen a number where the person can contact you.
    3. And if none of the above works, delete data remotely to protect personal information.

    Tracking a Samsung phone


    This method only works if the Samsung account is associated with the device, and the option of "remote controls" has been activated.

    Enter the Settings - Accounts menu, and choose to add a new Samsung account. In case you do not have one, you can create it at the moment.

    The remote controls are activated by default. However, to be safe, enter again the settings menu in the location and security section. The box must be activated.

    Go to the Find My Mobile page and enter with the same account associated with the mobile device. Select the option to locate cell. Then, the map showing the most recent location will open.

    Additionally, you will find 4 different options:

    • Block the cell phone by pointing to a contact number.
    • Review the recent call record.
    • Ring the cell phone if it is close and you can not find it.
    • And, finally, erase the complete information of the device to protect the personal information.
    • Tracking an Android device

      For instance, you can install the Android Device Manager or other similar animations on any Android device. You can also ccess through any web browser. Once inside the application, enter with the google account that is associated with the lost cell phone.

      The device manager will locate the cell phone, showing the last connection on the map and the cell phone details in the upper corner. There you can select from the various available actions:

      1. Delete the information from the cell phone.
      2. Block and include a personalized message on the screen.
      3. Make the phone ring to locate it if it is nearby.

      Tracking a Windows phone

      You can track any cell phone with a Windows operating system if you have a Microsoft account associated with it. You only need to access the official website and log in. After this, in the upper right corner, select your phone and wait for the location to load on the map.

      As in the previous cases, you can choose between three options:

      1. Ring the device to locate it if it is close.
      2. Block it so that nobody can access and include a message on the screen.
      3. Permanently delete personal data. This option can not be reversed, so it would be the last option.

      Mobile provider tracking service

      Some providers offer family plans that allow you to enable the tracking option on the devices included in this plan. It is a very useful way to keep an eye on the children. Some of the providers that offer this option are T-Mobile, Sprint, AT & T, Verizon, among others.

      Track BlackBerry OS

      Blackberry designed its own tracking and security service, which is called BlackBerry Protect. It allows you to locate the device in case of loss or theft. In turn, it serves to migrate personal data between different models and back up contacts and text messages, so you can retrieve some important information.

      GPS mobile online locator


      There are online gps-based applications that are secure and very easy to use. They only require the cell phone number and the country code.

      If you have this information, it is only a matter of seconds or a couple of minutes for the page to locate the exact location, or sometimes you can view a history of recent positions.

      Tips when tracking your cell phone

      Are you ready to start tracking your cell phone? The following tips may be useful for you:

      1. Be careful when monitoring the cell phone of a third party. Doing this without the consent of the other person can get you penalized.
      2. Keep in mind that the location that appears on the map when locating a phone is the last one before being turned off.
      3. If you have installed some software or tracking application and then you can not uninstall it, go to a specialist to help you solve the problem. Some applications can serve as a bridge for hackers to access your information without realizing it. If possible, avoid downloading applications from unknown sources.

      Spheres of phone tracking applications

      The methods of tracking phones are limitless and varied.

      In summary, the following are the broad categories of phone tracker programs:

      1. In-built phone tracking programs.
      2. Third party applications installable for this purpose.
      3. Phone tracking programs that are accessible using the web browser.

      Conclusions on the use of the spy software

      In the case where you don't have an inbuilt tracker on your lost phone or you simply want to spy on other persons, the easiest option to do so is through third-party programs.

      We highly recommend applications such as the mSpy or Spyzie. They must be installed on the device with the consent of the owner. For example, in case a boss wants to keep track of his workers' phone numbers.

      Many parents often use these programs to keep an eye on their children, as some are hidden as is the case with GPS Tracker Hidden (Android). In the iOS operating system, it is necessary to jailbreak. However, we have to remind you this: using a phone tracker to spy on someone without their consent – especially when it's for mischievous purposes – is illegal and could get you in trouble for breach of the right to privacy.

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